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Posted for July 2008 (Revised 3 July)

    John Rosendale
    Rear Commodore

    I hope all of you are finding time this summer for fun on the water. That's why most of us joined this club (that and cheap moorage). If you're not enjoying yourself and your membership, you may wish to reconsider your priorities :
    My personal priorities and those for the club are:
    " To do what I can to make boating a pleasure
    " To remove obstacles to making boating a pleasure
    " To support a new BYC that will ensure boating is a pleasure

    Thanks to Dave and Jan Cordodor for a great Picnic-in-the-park this past June and thanks in advance to Andy and Nancy Kupp for chairing the Picnic this July 16. I'll be there and hope you can make it too!

    Also worthy of thanks are Maralee Ormiston, Bev Bruins, and Mona Lisa Ryan for stepping up this year to be our club stewards; Jim Minard and Al Erlandsen for next year's set-up co-Chairs; Joe Carr for Galley Chair; and Hank Willis for Reciprocity.

    Have fun on the water…
    John Rosendale, R/C

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Posted: 22 May 2008 (gk)
BYC WebTeam