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17 March 2008

    Don Park
    Rear Commodore

    Photo of Rear Commodore

    As election time for BYC offices approaches I hope as many of you that are able will think about serving on committees, offices or as chairpersons for the upcoming year. The support you will receive when you sign on for a committee or other function is tremendous. It is a great opportunity in many ways. If anyone has questions or just wants to find out more information about getting involved, just ask. Co-chairing and sharing responsibilities makes volunteering more fun and when the duties are spread among members, less time commitment than you might think is involved.

    A reminder, only two more scheduled Work Party, April 26th and 27th, and the last one in May the dates of 17th and 18th before the end of the fiscal year. If you don't have your hours of work party time completed, time is passing quickly. Contact Capt. Norm Smith , the Work Party Chair, and make arrangements to fulfill your obligation. There are still lots of projects to complete before the summer cruising season arrives

    Points to Ponder:
    Buoy - Navigational aid. There are several types and colors of buoys of which the most numerous are: the black can (seen as a fuzzy black spot on the horizon): the red nun (seen as a fuzzy black spot on the horizon): the red or green day beacon (seen as a fuzzy black spot on the horizon): and the vertically striped black and white channel marker (seen as a fuzzy black spot on the horizon).

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Posted: 17 March 2008 (gk)
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