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15 August 2008 (Received: 20 August)

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    Mike Dunn

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    Hello to all you Members that I have not yet had a chance to see since returning from the Iowa Disaster, and Hello again to those I have seen. I am glad to be back with all the friendly folks at Bremerton Yacht Club, and very much appreciate the great job the Executive Committee and the Vice Commodore did to fill in during my absence.

    I am absolutely delighted with the fantastic job that our Membership Chairman, Captain Deana Brett, has done since taking office in June. What a surprise to learn that she has already brought in five new Family Memberships, one Single Membership, and converted one spouse to Family Membership. She also has three other family Memberships scheduled for Obligation during the September Business Meeting. If she keeps up this kind of pace for the rest of the year, we will have to expand the Clubhouse for sure. Please come on in to the September 15th Business Meeting give a "Hearty BYC Welcome" to all these new Members. (Revised note- Because of the extensive business activities that must be attended to, there will be no speaker and no dinner at the September 15th business meeting. Stewards will serve refreshments.)

    As you read this, the great Labor Day Cruise-In, planned by Fleet Captain Mike Petrowski, with the able help of Assistant Fleet Captain Al Gonzalez, and PC Gary Carr will be history. They are planning a weekend of fun and frolic in the best traditions of BYC. They also have planned a special Anderson Island Labor Day Parade entry that is a secret even from me. So hope you made the Sign-up list, and didn't miss out on this one. Abbie and I have another Granddaughter getting married on the 30th, but we will be at Oro Bay on Saturday (NOPE - too busy at the wedding - went Sunday instead)

    Alas, September means the end of summer. BUT, it also means the transition to the start of the many great Social activities your Yacht Club offers throughout the year. The Salmon Bake Sept 7th is cancelled due to inadequate sign-ups. Before many of you get your copy of the October Towline, we will be having the Annual "Octoberfest" on October 3rd. This is a great event, chaired by Jytte and PC Bob Wheeler, with Bavarian Beer, Brats, all the usual trimmings, heavenly Black Forest Cake (Jytte's secret recipe), and a traditional Oompa Band. Get your name on the sign-up list so you don't miss out.

    Many of you may have seen that new TV commercial where "Mr. Opportunity" is knocking. Well in real life, I am now "Mr. Opportunity", and I am "knocking". I have some very rewarding opportunities (and lots of points) available. There is a Flag Officer position open, Regatta for Power, that is perfect for a past, present, or future Log Racer.

    A talented and fun opportunity exists for someone to chair this years "Daffodil Parade".

    A member with good knowledge of the Membership and a desire to see deserving people recognized, is needed to become Awards Chairman. I also seek a Few Good Men (and Women) to assist with Christmas Dinner and "Heavy Weather Weekend". So stop me in the Club, E-mail me, or call if you are available to take advantage of any "opportunity".

    As always, I remain your humble servant,

    Mike Dunn, Commodore

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Posted: 23 August 2008 (gk)
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