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16 September 2008

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    Mike Dunn

    Photo of Commodore

    Web Site Edition: October 2008

    What a terrific time to be enjoying this fantastic weather in the Great Northwest, and then to top it all off by being a member of the Greatest Yacht Club anywhere in the Region. All of us in the Bremerton Yacht Club can truly be proud to know that there are so many folks in the area that are delighted just to be offered the opportunity to enjoy all the many benefits of BYC Club Membership that we often take too much for granted.

    In our September 15th Business Meeting we Obligated three new Family Memberships, and converted one family from Individual to Family Membership. We also used the opportunity to meet and, to Officially "Welcome", six new Family Memberships and one new Individual Membership that could not wait for a Business Meeting to join, and were Obligated during the summer. That is fourteen new Members in a group photo during the first Business Meeting of 2008-2009. That is an "Awesome" testament to the unbeatable value of becoming a BYC Member. And they just keep on coming.

    Grab your October calendars and a pen, because there are some fun filled events coming up that you don't want to miss. What better way to welcome October than with a traditional "Oktoberfest" on Friday the 3rd. Mark the date, and get your names on the "Sign-up Sheet" posted in the Clubhouse before the end of September so you can enjoy this wonderful "First of the Year" Celebration.

    Special NOTE - Plan to attend a One-Time "Round Table Meet" on Tuesday the 7th @ 1800. This is your chance to provide ideas and input to the process that will help select what Socials and other events you feel are important. Everyone is welcome.

    Mark also the following Saturday the 11th so you can participate in the gala dinner and dance celebrating "A Night at the Oscars". Here is your chance to honor your favorite actor or actress by dressing in a costume, or just "go as yourself" and enjoy the food, music, and the camaraderie. Mix with friends and meet all the Grand XIV Junior Officers and spouses who WILL be in costume. Again, Sign-up is required. We will round out October with our Annual Halloween Cruise to Port Orchard, so mark the 31st and November 1st, and dust off your ghost or goblin outfit. See the flyer and "Sign-up" sheet.

    Don't forget that there is a way for you to get your names on a "Sign-up Sheet" without setting foot in the Clubhouse. Thanks to the efforts of our hard working Web Team and our Facility Manager, getting signed up is a snap. Just Log On to the BYC Web Site, scroll down under the Blue "WHATS HAPPENING" banner to the bottom, click on the "Sign up form for events". This will automatically create an E-Mail message to Facility Manager Jim Bussee. You will see an activity page showing the information you will need to add to the E-Mail message (don't bother to type the information in the "boxes" - they are only advisory), but you must type the necessary data on the E-Mail screen. Click on the box "Send the form to Bremerton Yacht Club" and is automatically sent with your E-Mail address. If the sign-up sheet is posted, Jim will mark it when possible. No one is on duty in the Club to receive E-Mail on Saturday or Sunday, so plan accordingly. So, no excuses for not getting signed up.

    Let's all get active, volunteer to help on committees, and join in the social events whenever possible. You are what make Bremerton Yacht Club the great organization that it is, and you are what will keep it going as such. Have a Fantastic Winter and Spring, and enjoy Fair Winds and Calm Seas.

    As always, I remain your Humble Servant,

    Mike Dunn, Commodore

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Posted: 16 September 2008 (gk)
BYC WebTeam