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20 May 2008

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    Mike Dunn

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    Greetings! As my first message since being installed as your new Commodore, I offer a "Thank You" to all of the many Bremerton Yacht Club Members for help, your confidence, and your support these past two years. In the weeks and months ahead, the Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore and I will need your assistance, and your willingness to volunteer in order to accomplish our missions.

    We have much to do moving forward, not the least of which is to have some confusion, some new ways to operate, and some new procedures to adopt. The questions will be many, such as "who reports to whom". The "General Meetings" will now become "Business Meetings". They shall include Boating related "Programs" designed for the enlightenment, and education of the Members, with perhaps some entertainment value as well. PC Bob Wheeler has accepted the position of Program Chair, and would welcome suggestions and comments from you Members. Please let him know what your interests are.

    As we prepare for the Installation, I regret to announce that the key positions of "Fleet Captain" and "Regatta-for-Power" remain vacant. So many members have declined to accept these important positions that I must now make a wider appeal for your help. BYC is noted for its fantastic Cruises, and for hosting and joining in many a Log Race. With no one at the helm to chair these events, our reputation will surely suffer. In the hopes that the lack of volunteers will be corrected, I am including part of the text of my Inaugural Speech.

    The tasks before all of us, are significant. We must grow the Club with new members. Even more challenging, we must motivate the Club Members, both existing and new, to increase their voluntary participation significantly. Except for Work Party Time, all other Member activity at the Club is voluntary. Somehow, all of us in the Club must IMPLEMENT a modified version of those famous words from the Inagural Speech of President John F. Kennedy. With forgiveness for my paraphrasing, let us all "ASK NOT WHAT YOUR CLUB CAN DO FOR YOU, BUT WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR CLUB".

    Let us continue to think of Bremerton Yacht Club as a YACHT CLUB, and not as a MOORING CLUB. Let us step forward as volunteers and show the yachting world that BYC will remain the "The Yacht Club" that is the envy of the Puget Sound. I know we can continue to lead!

    As always, I remain,
    Your Humble Servant,

    Mike Dunn Commodore

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Posted: 20 June 2008 (gk)
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