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16 June 2008

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    Mike Dunn

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    Wow, now that spring is almost over, and summer is only one week away, we finally get some very pleasant weather in the middle of June. Unfortunately for me, I will be missing some of the upcoming beautiful Northwest weather. FEMA has called, looking especially for those of us that have previous experience in Disaster Assistance. Duty calls again, this time to serve in Iowa, which has been hit hard with tornados and severe flooding. I will be leaving June 17th, and expect to be back in about a month.

    Here's hoping July and August will see some fantastic boating weather. Even though we are all really feeling the pinch of high priced fuel, I hope many of you get a chance to get out and enjoy some quality time on the water and soak up loads of sunshine. If you will be sticking close to home base this year, the BYC Youth (and adult) Sailing Classes are looking very promising, and plans are well underway to establish a High School program. This should make for some good viewing, and you may even want to give it a try. Also, check with Regatta for Sail Chairman, Rich Hunt if you may be interested in viewing or crewing for some sailing events .

    Thanks to the recent reorganization, BYC will be in excellent hands. The new Executive Committee is already establishing a "Business Schedule" to ensure that all the Club's Business deadlines will be reviewed and resolved well ahead of time. Your new Fleet Captain, Mike Petrowski is now aboard, and well experienced to handle the upcoming June 27 -29 Big Brother Cruise to the Queen City Outstation. Get your name on the sign-up roster fast, because dock space is limited. Captain Petrowski is working closely with Captain Gonzalez, and "Good Times" will be happening in Eagle Harbor.

    Speaking of missing a good time, I'm sure most of you have heard about the Grand Opening of the Bremerton Marina on May 31st. BYC was the "Host" Yacht Club, and "Host" it we did. Between Friday and Saturday, hundreds of boats, including almost 50 from BYC, arrived from all over Puget Sound, and Good Old BYC Members were there to greet each and every one who arrived. Thanks to some dedicated and, very Hard Working, BYC "Dock Masters" , each boater was greeted with a canvass "Moorage Bag" that contained information on their "Free" moorage, Free electrical, and Free Hospitality Party. In addition, they received gate codes, gifts from local merchants, and other "goodies". Thank you so much, each and every one of you Terrific Dock Masters.

    Enjoy your summer boating, don't forget to catch the July and August "Picnics in the Park", and give some thought to our new "Theme", which is "Ask not, what your Club can do for you, but what you can do for your Club". Lets all show just how truly "Great" the Members of the Bremerton Yacht Club really are. For every Standing Committee, every Community Function, and every BYC Social, lets step up and OVERWHELM folks with Volunteers. Volunteers are what Made us so Great, and Volunteers are what will Keep us so Great. Keep the Good Times Rolling, and I'll see you when I get back.

    As always, I remain your Humble Servant,
    Commodore Mike Dunn

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Posted: 16 June 2008 (gk)
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