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16 December 2007

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    Don Hardgrove

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    Holiday Greetings,

    As I sit down to write this Towline (& Web Report, ed.), I am reflecting on the whirlwind of Holiday festivities that have transpired at BYC this year. This year, we were blessed with the good fortune of hearing two wonderful choir performances - the first was by the Mountain View Middle School Students. The Parks and their crew decorated nearly every corner of the club, making multiple areas sparkle and shine with the joy of Christmas. The Children's Party was literally picture perfect. As children, parents, grandparents and great grandparents arrived, snow was gently falling and made a scenic and magical backdrop outdoors in Phinney Bay to our indoor wonderland at BYC. Thanks to all who made this one of the most family friendly times of the year.

    Our guests on December 2nd 2007 were the Special people and their escorts and due to the wind and rainstorm brewing following the prior day's blustery snow burst, many of us wondered, if the cruise would even go on. Low and behold, Kitsap Transit and all of the Captains at BYC came through to make this a rewarding and memorable day. A gigantic thank you goes to P/C Gary Carr and John Rosendale for coordinating this important event. Also deserving of gratitude and recognition is the Kitsap Credit Union for providing a generous donation for gifts for our special guests. This event was made possible with the help of many club and community volunteers who proved that many hands make work light. All of the camaraderie and fellowship during the evening reminds me that we are very fortunate.

    Week two of December, the executive committee and Flag Officers were busily making arrangements and preparing for the BYC Christmas Dinner. During the busy Holiday time the crew arrived promptly and early Saturday morning and Sunday to ensure that the dinner for Sunday December 9th was one brimming with savory and abundant Holiday fare. Never will I look at Turkey the same way after carting 13 of them in and out of the club. I reminisce, now how painstakingly it was assured each was pondered, purchased, loaded, reloaded, unloaded, strategically placed, thawed, loaded, unloaded, carefully positioned, unwrapped, cleaned, prepped, stuffed, seasoned, trussed, bagged, loaded again, transported, unloaded, baked, reloaded, unloaded, carved, plated and served. Sounds easier than it really is, doesn't it. Kidding aside, I would like to thank all of you for all of the many hours of hard work you devoted to making this a wonderful dinner for our members. Galley boss Betty Smith and EVERYONE worked tirelessly until each Supper guest was served and until every last dish was cleaned dried and put away.

    While all of the bustling, serving, and cleaning chugged along in the galley we welcomed another talented choir to BYC, including our own Past Commodore, Rear Admiral Ronald Morse, DDS and First mate Paula Davis singing with the Naval Choir. What beautiful music it was and not only did the singers pay homage to the Holidays they also thanked our retired and active uniformed men and men and women in the audience.

    Week three of course was the Lighted Boat Parade and it was a terrific showing of members donating their time, lights, fuel and resources to make the season a lot brighter for the waterfront community of Bremerton and the surrounding waterways. Each night hot buttered Rum was provided to the captains and crew by Sylvia Wilson, Al Erlandsen and Marva McWaid and thanks goes to all of you who again braved the elements and showed the town our Holiday spirit. Conn Williamson, General Manager from KITZ1400 joined the lighted Boat Parade aboard P/C Charles and Sharon Billings Yacht, Nobska and conducted a live broadcast. Over the airwaves Williams gleefully pronounced that the Station's broadcasts would become a tradition year after year and that as a child he savored the lighted boat parades and was thrilled to be a part of ours.

    As the official Holiday BYC festivities of 2007 wrap up, I wish you all peace, joy and many blessings. My heartfelt thanks for all of your support, time spent working side by side and your friendship. I couldn't ask for a better group to be a part of. Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a bright new year.

    Yours truly,

    Commodore Donald R. Hardgrove

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Posted: 16 December 2007 (gk)
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