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16 September 2007

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    Mike Dunn
    Vice Commodore

    Photo of Vice Commodore

    Fall Greetings to all, and a big “Welcome Back” to our members who are returning from the summer Cruising Season. It is comforting to see the slips and boat sheds filling up with their regular owners, and so good to see again the familiar faces of our far ranging adventurers.

    Back at the Outstation, we had 37 boats, plus a few car loads of folks, make the Annual Trek to Oro Bay to help celebrate the Labor Day Weekend. This year everyone, except those who lingered into Tuesday, witnessed the “Gods of Weather” bestow some really wonderful weather upon the Holiday. The BYC entry to the “Anderson Island Diamond Jubilee” (75 years) Parade was a roaring success thanks to the many willing hands, such as Mike and Cora Harrington, Roger Phillips, Gunter Krumme, Dave and Debbie Hagen, Paul and Betty Smith, Harry and Paula Davis, Cliff and Sharon Lillybridge, and Steve Brett. Many not only helped with the final assembly of the 1932 Diamond Reo Yellow Bus, but also helped carry the entry the throughout the Parade. “Yours truly” forgot to bring the BYC Banner, but the enterprising trio of Sharon, Paula, and Abbie bravely carried a great substitute sign through the long Parade route. Please see the BYC Web page for great photos by Gunter, and join me in giving a big WELL DONE to all who helped in our prize winning entry.

    An unplanned Saturday night requirement to enjoy a star filled evening with no lights was suddenly thrust upon both BYC and TYC as both clubs began enjoying Karoke and live music at the same time. Mrs. Fleet Captain and daughter had just completed the first rendition of the evening, and the DJ was announcing that Abbie and Debbie (our Daughter) would be next. Suddenly, a big “POW” was heard, followed by total darkness over both the Tacoma and Bremerton Outstations. Visitation via campfire and starlight was followed by lots of early retirements, and by morning the power company had installed a substitute transformer to replace the one that had fully melted down.

    The normal BYC Outstation festivities were further enhanced this year with a surprise invitation from the Tacoma Yacht Club to join them in a festival put together by their PC Paul Hunter. It seems that PC Paul had determined that “The liver is Evil, and it Must be Punished”. The most effective liver punishment known to man is the downing of a highly addictive concoction, whose ingredients are known only to a select few, called the Royal Yacht Cocktail. This downing process must be accompanied by the loud production of musical notes designed to produce rapid and wild gyrations of the arms, legs and torso. TYC graciously provided BYC with 50 complimentary tickets to the aforementioned cocktail, with additional rounds a mere $1.50. The combined two Yacht Clubs managed to inflict a severe punishment on the “Evil Liver”, and also created a new Bridge-of-Friendship between the neighboring Clubs that will surely endure far beyond next year’s punishment ceremony.

    The Sunday after Oro Bay found a lucky few enjoying the BYC Annual Salmon Bake on the 9th. Chef Al Gonzalez rustled up the usual Salmon Bake Crew, and they all worked together like clockwork. This worked great for the process of mentoring Kevin McStay, to be this years Chairman, and to fully take the helm next year. The salmon run this year was pretty sparse, but BYC members were able to search around and find a local fisherman who finally managed to catch enough fresh salmon for Al to season and serve up. PC Carr made an early Sunday morning run to his secret farm, where he procured some wonderful corn only a few hours off the stalk, while Joanne Gonzalez worked her magic on the rice. A side of Cole slaw and fresh sliced bread complemented the salmon, rice and corn, followed by ice cream bars, and meant that everyone had a mouth watering meal that can’t be beat. To top it off, there was plenty left over for everyone to take an extra plate or two home. Mark your calendars for the same time next year, and let’s have a great turnout to support the hardworking team that makes this event so memorable every year.

    Coming up October 5th, right after you get this issue of The Towline [and several weeks after you read this on this Web page (editor)], we have another opportunity to enjoy one of the culinary traditions of BYC. Jytte Wheeler, and mate PC Bob will be freshly back from Europe and serving up a genuine home cooked Bavarian OCTOBERFEST that is to die for. I hope to see you there while we enjoy an Oom-Pa Band and fresh hand crafted Octoberfest Beer while savoring a meal that you would have to travel all the way to Munich to match. To round out the festivities for October, don’t forget the Annual Octoberfest Cruise-In to the Port Orchard Yacht Club. Check out the Sign-up sheet in the Clubhouse, and make your reservations early.

    As always, I remain your Humble Servant,

    Mike Dunn, Vice Commodore

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Posted: 16 September 2007 (gk)
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