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19 February 2007

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Don Hardgrove
Vice Commodore

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Aloha Yachters,

Thank you to Captain Brett Halffman and first Mate Lynetta who along with their whole family and crew, for another wonderful Crab Feed. The Crab was succulent and delicious and this was quite a way to spend a sunny February afternoon with friends from the Club. As Heavy Weather Weekend and the Brem-Aloha come to a conclusion, I am in awe and admiration to the participants who exceeded all my expectations. The weekend was a marathon of laughter, social events, great food and friends and of course, who can forget predicted log racing. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the committee Chairs and members and Spouses who worked so hard and gave so much of their time and energies well beyond their assigned tasks.

I would also like to acknowledge those who have toiled away over the last weeks and months behind the scenes to get ready for this weekend. The Webteam and Sylvia are now working to preserve the memory of this event so we can remember and reflect on all that unfolded over the weekend.

I wish I had room in this column to list every single member and their contributions that made this weekend turn out to be such a successful and memorable event. These members and Spouses are consistently and tirelessly stepping up to the plate again and again in order to ensure the success of this Club, these faithful Captains and Mates are working their hearts out to provide you with a fully functioning Club House, Marina, Boat Repair and Maintenance Facility.

I would be remiss however if I didn't specifically acknowledge the Heavy Weather Social Committee Chairs and Committee members. There wasn't a time when I didn't see you smiling and having a ball, even when you worked morning until night to assure everyone was welcomed and well nourished. Captain Andy Kupp and first mate Nancy proved once again that they are the King and Queen of Wine Tastings and many walked away with prizes from the Raffle. Thanks guys! An enormous Thank you goes out to Captain Mike Ryan and his First Mate Mona Lisa Ryan and all of the Crew for the spectacular Luau Dinner extravaganza. M/C Lisa shined in a beautiful authentic Hawaiian gown as she presided over a crew that served up a succulent roast pig procured by first mate Donna Park from Seattle's International District. The dinner included all of the trimmings and not a detail was left undone. No one went hungry - that's for sure. After the fabulous meal, coconut cream dessert and secret Tiki Tiki punch we could have all gone home happy, but there was more - much more: Next came the Hawaiian Dancers in full Polynesian Costumes. The group was composed of all ages, the youngest dancers were age 5 and this was a real family affair comprised of talent and skill and executed with real Hawaiian flair. Thanks to Capt. Bill Underdown for serenading us between setups.

Tacoma Yacht Club took home the newly introduced 1st Runner Up Perpetual Skit Bremello Trophy. Thank you to TYC members for your participation. The extremely talented Captain Kevin McStay and First Mate Lori orchestrated and starred in the Skit that won BYC First Prize - the long anticipated and never won (by this club) Rubber Clam Gun. The evening was topped off by the music of Mixed Blend as we danced the night away. As for the Heavy Weather Race, I would like to thank everyone who participated and gave us a wonderful occasion to gather with boaters all across Puget Sound.

Thank you to President Geri Bachmen and the Skipperettes for going all out to provide such a delicious meal, for an Evening in Tuscany - Graci!

Breakfast on Monday Chaired by Capt. Dave and Sheila Miller was the perfect close to a weekend that will always be remembered. Thanks to all of our guests and observers during the weekend for participating and sharing such a fun weekend with us.

As you look forward to the Cruise to Poulsbo we are sorry we won't be joining you, as any time P/C Fleet Captain Leo and First Mate Stacy put together a weekend, a good time is in store. We will be sailing away on a Cruise to Ireland (an imaginary cruise at the Olympia Yacht Club) This marks our last Junior Officer's Cruise in my capacity as a Junior Officer.

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Posted: 19 February 2007 (gk)
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