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16 May 2007

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Mike Dunn
Vice Commodore

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My first message as your new Vice Commodore is a Greetings to all BYC Members, and Best Wishes for a safe and “Fun Filled” Summer Season. May all of your summer activities be blessed with Good Weather, Good Cruising, and Good Fun!

Secondarily, I want to thank the Membership for their support, advice, and assistance to Abbie and I as we endeavored to meet the challenges of serving you as a Bridge Officer. I would love to be discussing my new Social Activities duties at this point. However, as we approach this next Fiscal Year, I am compelled to use this first Towline article to report on a damage problem, and also to ask for some special efforts from every Member to help with another problem.

Our Clubhouse suffered some extensive damage on April 30th due to a flooded basement.

The City of Bremerton was conducting their annual “Flushing of Water Mains” in our area that day. The process involves opening Fire Hydrants, and other large valves, to cause a rapid flow of water through the pipes and “flush” out rust and other contaminants from the water mains. They have been doing this for many years with no previous problems for us. However, on this date it appears that they may have closed down the open Fire hydrant in front of the Club too rapidly. Stopping the hydrant flow too rapidly can cause a sudden high pressure “surge” in the small pipes beyond the hydrant. Since BYC’s water line is so close beyond the hydrant, we received a “surge” strong enough to blow apart a joint in the access space below the cloak room. The water poured down into a dirt crawlspace under the floor, then ran southward until it rose up at an opening into the basement near the freezer where the ice bags are stowed. The result was about two inches of very muddy water covering the entire basement. The flood was discovered only because the Billings happened to go into the basement to get ice for their boat.

Fortunately, a number of our Members were present and jumped into action to close the water main to the Club. While some searched for the source of the leak, others checked to find out why the sump pump was not being effective. Once fixed, the sump began the process of removing water, and other Members began hauling out buckets of water. A crew promptly repaired the burst joint, and water service was slowly and carefully restored to the Club. Other Members began the difficult task of picking up the many boxes of goods from the floor, and placing them on tables and desks. I failed to write down all the names, so at the risk of overlooking someone, I want to thank Charlie and Sharon Billings, Dale Fransen, Tammy Markham-Bollinger, Steve Brett, Don Park, Terry Stevens, Lynn Rumbold, and others. All were “Good Samaritans” in the truest sense of the word, and performed a great service to the Club.

Service Master Inc. was called and responded very rapidly to begin clean up, removal of damaged tiles and wall board, and the process of drying the basement. Our insurance carrier was notified, and has sent out a team of Adjusters to evaluate the damage and estimate the cost of repairs. The cleaning and drying cost from Service Master total $8,000, and estimated repairs are another $18,000. We have a $5,000 deductible, but Our Insurance Company will be seeking monetary recovery from the City on our behalf.

On a different subject, we are having a great deal of difficulty maintaining our Clubhouse, out buildings, and Park Area in a clean and presentable condition. For the last three years, the Club has contracted for a Part Time combination Caretaker/Janitor under the Supervision of theRear/Vice Commodore, in order that we maintain the same Supervisor for a two year period. This Caretaker/Janitor position specifies two to four hours daily (not all day), five days (not seven) per week. His duties are twofold: (1) to “Lock up” and maintain Security for the Clubhouse, Shop, Park, and to check for “hazards” on the docks; (2) To clean and stock the Clubhouse, and all of the restrooms. Two very high visibility, and problem, areas are cleaning the restrooms and the condition of the Assembly Hall floor.

The Assembly Hall floor is considered for special attention in preparation for major BYC Social events, but may not necessarily be waxed and buffed for each event. This is because we must avoid excess water, wax, and buffing in order to preserve these fragile floor tiles until the budgeted time to replace the flooring. The Janitor and Supervisor (yours truly until June 2008) jointly review the floor conditions prior to an event, and agree on a plan to prepare for the event while attempting to preserve the floor’s longevity.

What are the Officers and the Executive Committee doing in their efforts to improve the cleaning and maintenance of the Club? I have conducted two Performance Evaluations with the janitor, reviewed the Evaluations, plus some proposed modifications to the contracted janitorial duties, with the Executive Committee. The Committee has directed that improvements in the cleanliness of the Club are necessary. They felt that the proposed changes in the janitorial service can only succeed if the Membership does their part by taking Ownership in the Club.

Each and every Member must make a Special Effort to Take Ownership of his and her Club. If we begin to treat the Club Facilities with the same personal care and responsibility we use at our home, we can continue with a part time janitor and have a well kept Yacht Club that we can all be proud of. Taking “Ownership” means that we clean our dirty shoes (or remove them) before entering the Clubhouse. It means that we clean up any spills or mess we make, or Report it if we can’t clean it, and report it if we observe someone else leaving one. The Chair Person for each event is hereby required to notify the Janitorial Supervisor (me) in writing well prior to the event, so the janitor’s floor preparation can be coordinated with the “set up committee” and table decorations.

Do not contact the janitor directly. Taking “Ownership” also means that Committee Chairs and Committee Members read and understand all Posted Rules for stowing all galley equipment, cleaning, sweeping, and mopping the floors in the galley, and the scullery. The chairs and tables must be stowed, AND the Main Assembly Floor must be swept and mopped. Taking “Ownership” now means that Committee Members do not leave until all of the above duties are completed. Please understand that if the Membership does NOT “Take Ownership” and start doing their part by no longer leaving messes behind for the janitor to clean, we will be forced to change to increased janitorial hours in order to properly keep the facilities clean. It will not matter whether the change to “increased hours” is done by the current janitor, or done by a Janitorial Service, there will be a significant increase in the expenses. This may require an increase in dues and/or moorage.

OK, off the soapbox, and onto a lighter note. We have a lot great Social activities coming up this year, and a few good men or women are needed. The really good news is that Family members can now earn double points when working together on a committee. If one of you is the Chair, the combined point total is 0.5, and the family total can increase very fast that way. The first Social event of the summer is a Picnic in the Park on June 20th. You do not have to bring a thing except a desire to have a great time while enjoying some good food.

Hope to see lots of you there.

As always, I remain your Humble Servant,

Mike Dunn
Vice Commodore

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