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15 June 2007

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Mike Dunn
Vice Commodore

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As I looked back on a very busy year as your Rear Commodore, and then participated in the Change of Watch, I want to thank each of you attending the Ceremony and supporting Abbie and I as we move into our Vice Commodore year. We are grateful, indeed, to belong to an organization with such wonderful Members who give so much of their time, wisdom, and fellowship to Bremerton Yacht Club. I must apologize to everyone for missing the first Cruise of the Year to Oro Bay, but we needed to stay around locally to complete the sale of Liberty USA. We now know that the real way to spell "Relief", when you are a Fleet Owner, is "S-O-L-D". Owning only one boat is such a relief!

Where is our Summer? It is hard to believe that the longest day of the year occurs on June 21st, and that date that is just about here. Normally, we would have had a number of "warm" days by now, but so far it has mostly been below normal temperatures. But here is a good Tip. It is about to change! The long range National Weather Service Forecast predicts that the 20 June "Picnic-In-The-Park"* will have beautiful warm weather. So, by the time you read this you will have attended that Enjoyable Picnic, chaired by Jan Cordodor, and know that the forecast was right. Next, I urge everyone to mark your calendars, put your name on the "Sign-up" sheet in the Club, and head on out to the 18 July "Picnic-In-The-Park" for another great event to be chaired by Ron and Karyn Ohnhaus. History pretty well guarantees warm weather for the July Picnic, so enjoy!

Your Club (actually your VC) is looking for some good people. We have both "fun and points" opportunities for Chairpersons for some of our upcoming events. The 15 August "Picnic-In-The-Park" is still available for one of the Members to Chair, and in the Fall, we have a Chairmanship open on 11 November for a "BYC Sunday Breakfast". These social events are a great opportunity to renew old friendships, meet and greet new Members, Take Ownership of your Club, and earn some of those Service Points that are so necessary to improve your moorage and choose your Railway Haulout dates. Please call on (360) 792-9688 or E-Mail me on mbdunn(at) to step forward and Chair one of the Social Events, or if you would just like to have an opportunity to serve on one of the Committees. There are dozens of members ready to work with you and guide you through any of these events, so please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

As we move into the Summer Cruising season, we look forward to seeing a number of you during the Big Brothers Cruise to the QCYC Outstation in Eagle Harbor June 23rd, through 25th ; the July 3rd "Anchor Out" for Liberty Bay Fireworks and July 4th Picnic at the Club; and then the Summer's Labor Day Finale at Oro Bay September 1st - 3rd.

Have a Healthy, Wonderful and Fun Filled summer, no matter what plans you have.

As always, I remain your Humble Servant,

Mike Dunn,
Vice Commodore

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Posted: 15 June 2007 (gk)
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