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18 December 2006

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Don Hardgrove
Vice Commodore

Photo of Vice Commodore

Holiday Greetings to Everyone,
This Month’s Towline comes to you from my Living room. The fireplace is blazing and I am typing away on my laptop computer. Never mind that the power is out for hundreds of thousands of us and has been since Thursday December 14th. We have plenty of candles, warm sweaters and a recently purchased camp stove. If it gets any colder we may rely on the heat and stove of the Elixir. We were fortunate not to have too much damage at the BYC docks, but please come and assess your lines and electrical equipment accordingly.

Don and Donna Park at BYC treated us to a wonderful breakfast in November complete with toast made to order and a great crew serving and cleaning up.

The clubhouse was decorated for the Holidays in splendor thanks to the efforts of R/C Mike Dunn and his first mate Abbie commissioning and leading the crew. Many thanks to Abbie Dunn, Jan Cordodor and Jennifer Hardgrove for chairing the Children’s’ Christmas Party. Kids dined on cheese and crackers while decorating their placemats this year before the traditional cookie and candy fest complete with piñatas for each age group. The day was topped off with a special guest from the North Pole who wished each child a Merry Christmas and checked everyone’s list twice. In attendance were 30 kids and many parents and grandparents who enjoyed a delightful afternoon. Speaking of Kids – BYC now has joined the ranks of others in the Grand XIV like the Poulsbo Yacht Club and Day Island Yacht Club by providing a Toy Box for visiting children to the Club. The box is located near the farthest Southern Window and anyone is welcome to use the toys.

Our biggest event that gives back to the Community was successfully chaired once again by Captain John Rosendale and first mate Denise. The last unofficial tally of Volunteers, Chaperones and Special People was over 200. Our heart felt gratitude goes out to Eliott Gregg, President of the Kitsap Credit Union the V.F.W. and Kitsap Transit for making the cruise possible. The Opening Day Organizers helped to provide a special gift of a wristwatch to each special person in attendance. This Wearable Glow Sticks were also a hit. Thank you to all of you who opened your hearts and brought guests aboard your boats. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Duey McBride and First Mate Virginia cleverly crafted a dinghy complete with a motor donated by Port Orchard Yacht Club, a youth sailing scholarship from BYC and a beautiful custom hand decorated tree. The ensemble was auctioned off Harrison Medical Center’s Festival of Trees and all proceeds benefited the Hospital’s Pediatric Rehabilitation Program.

The 8, 9, and 10th of December were a whirlwind of fun for those of us camped out at the Clubhouse getting ready and participating in the very festive Lighted Boat Parades, Hot Buttered Rum Parties and finally the Christmas Dinner. Thank you to Mona Lisa Ryan A.K.A. The best Darn Santa Claus anywhere! Thank you very much to all of you who braved the cold dark waters of Dyes Inlet and beyond to wish cheer to residents of Kitsap County and their visiting Christmas Party guests. Thank you to Sylvia Wilson and Marva McWaid for preparing the post-boat parade libations.

Special Thanks to Commodore Ron Morse wife Penny, Captain Al Gonzales, first Mate Joann, son David and wife organized and executed another fine homemade Christmas Dinner with all of the trimmings and much gratitude to all of the Executive Committee for spending your time making the dinner great and for all you do year around to keep the club ticking and moving ahead. The evening wouldn’t have been as merry as it was without another visit from our dear red dressed, white trimmed friend from the North Pole and a special treat for the ears – listening to the wonderful choir which or own illustrious Commodore Ron Morse is a part of.

Coming up before we know it will be another kind of “ Heavy Weather” being the 16,17, 18 and 19th of February, this years theme it called “Brem-a-loha” which will feature the presenting of Bremerton’s own traditional folk dance the “Bremaluahula” please check out the BYC Home Page for details of all the big “do-in.

I am grateful and humbled by all of your support, laughter and friendship throughout 2006. You the members of BYC make this club very special and I am thankful to be a part of BYC. Have a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Blessed New Year.

Sincerely Yours,

Don Hardgrove

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Posted: 18 December 2006 (gk)
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