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16 January 2007

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Don Hardgrove
Vice Commodore

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Happy New Year to everyone. Thank you for making 2006 a successful and exciting year at BYC. Since I wrote the last towline in December things quieted down for a while, but they are definitely picking back up again. Thanks to Commodore Ron Morse for initiating a festive Holiday Nog and Cookie party December 17th and thank you to the Past Commodores for again hosting a P/C party and for the great turn out. New Yearís eve was also a smashing success thanks to Captain Mike and first mate Mona-Lisa Ryan. Attendees danced the night away and rang in the New Year successfully by all accounts. Skipperettes will be hosting a WIC Luncheon for all ladies wishing to take part! Februa ry 1st. Contact Marion Fox, Skipperette Vice President for more information.

The Grand Fourteen Officers Cruise Inn will be hosted by Queen City Yacht Club at their Winslow Outstation February 26-28.

Now, for the piece de resistance Heavy Weather, Heavy Weather, Heavy Weather. Can you say Aloha Bremalulahula? Good, I thought you could. This yearís Heavy Weather theme is Bremaluahhula and what that means is tropical paradise right here in Bremerton, Washington in February.
We will kick off the weekend with a fabulous wine tasting Friday Night February 16 followed by a complimentary continental Breakfast on Saturday and preparation for the predicted Log racing on Sunday. Saturday Night, New member Kevin McStay promises to take it up a notch and organize the ďskitĒ folk song on behalf of the Bremerton Yacht Club. For those of you who arenít yet acquainted with Captain McStay and his first Mate Lori think back to ! the fir st Place winners from Gig Harbor who took the Clam Gun Trophy for their Cabaret performance during Heavy Weather 2004 & 2005. Kevin and Lori* recently joined our club from GYC and we are really looking forward to their musical and theatrical talent. Once again, Captain Mike and Mona Lisa Ryan are planning the Saturday dinner, which will be a sumptuous Luau style feast followed by a live band and dancing. Sign up early so that appropriate and ample amounts of food can be provided. This event fills up fast, so get your names on the list as soon as you can. Sunday, as anticipated will be the largest predicted log race in the known universe - the Heavy Weather Race! The public, grand fourteen and all other yacht clubs are all invited to attend or be observers. Heavy! Weathe r is part of the trio including Daffodil in Ta coma and Opening Day in Seattle of events that are open to the boating community and the public at large. Even if you are a sail boater, non boater, RVíer camper, or couch potato this should be a fun weekend to spend at the club for all four days or an afternoon or evening if possible. On second thought, itís best to stay at home if you have a tendency towards the sofa because we are going to be busy boating, socializing and having fun.

Our goal is to attract a diverse population of members to our club. We would be especially pleased to see some interest and better yet membership applications from young families and members hoping to get involved in club activities. Keeping the club thriving with new ideas and new people would really vitalize our organization and help to continue to add to our ongoing prosperity and it would be for the "good of the club". So, if you have any children, grandchildren or friends, interested in boating with a great bunch of old timers, who-dats and newcomers - spread the word. We welcome ideas for increasing membership - contact membership Chairman Blain Eliot for more information. !

One of the favorite club events for me is the Crab Feed, February 4th at 12:45, which will be chaired by Captain Brett and first mate Lynetta Halffman. You canít beat the camaraderie, chilled drinks, coins youíll spend or the crabby crustaceans anywhere. You will have until January 22nd to sign up.

Work Parties are right around the corner, too for February 10, 11th.

Thanks for everyone for taking great care of the club during the winter storms and for helping to keep our club safe and for looking out for each other and our boats.

I am looking forward to working with all of you on events this year and I thank you all for being here. All my best in 2007

Don Hardgrove

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Posted: 16 January 2007 (gk)
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