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16 July 2007

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Mike Dunn
Vice Commodore

Photo of Vice Commodore

I have it on good authority from some of our Members that this year's Cruising weather in the San Juan Islands is as good as it gets. Abbie and I are hoping to duplicate those “Good Cruising” reports with an upcoming ten day Cruise to a few of the Islands starting July 28th. Meanwhile the recent weather has been ideal for at least some of the BYC Social Activities. Believe it or not, June 23rd – 24t proved to be a very delightful weekend for our Annual Big Brother Cruise to QCYC’s beautiful Outstation at Eagle Harbor, Bainbridge Island. Twelve boats each from BYC and QCYC trusted the weather forecasters and enjoyed the sunshine, the cozy Clubhouse and some great Inter-Club camaraderie. The net result was some good old fashioned pampering provided by the QCYC Members who wined and dined us in the finest tradition of the Grand XIV.

From our Believe-It-Or-Not files, I hear we actually had a Rain-Free July 3rd Fireworks event in Liberty Bay that was attended by many BYC boats, and good weather was also enjoyed on July 4th. As we go to press, Ron and Karyn Ohnhaus are preparing to serve up a delightful July 18th 2007 Picnic-in-the Park. Come and enjoy a great feed, our tree shaded park, and some 75 degree weather.

Stacy & Leo
This is also a great chance to do some socializing with many of our Members who wintered in warmer climates, and probably have some pretty interesting tales to tell. The July Social Calendar ends with a rather unique social event this month, and I do believe this will be a “first” for the Club. Two BYC Members, Captain Stacy Neil and PC Leo Longenecker will be joined in Holy Matrimony in the BYC Clubhouse on July 28th. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Happy Couple!!

In preparation for the busy slate of social activities that begin in September, August will be a quiet rest period for the Membership. Please plan to join Melinda Knapp and her committee for the “Summer Finale” Picnic-in-the-Park on August 15th.. Dig out that special cut of steak, hamburger, pork ribs, chicken, fish, or whatever you enjoy most, and bring it to the Barbecue pits in the Park. All the side dishes, drinks, and great fun will be provided for you, so come and enjoy the companionship. Then relax, enjoy the rest of the summer. But do mark your calendars for the Oro Bay Labor Day Cruise September 1st – 3rd, to be followed September 9th by the Annual BYC Salmon Bake. This year’s host will again be none other than Captain Al Gonzalez, so get your name on the list early.

One quick reminder. There will be some busy weekend boating activity in the BYC Marina in August, so plan accordingly. The Grand XIV Officers Cruise In may see as many as 35 – 40 boats moored at the Club from August 10th to 12th. If you are in Club Cover or a B-string or C string boatshed close to the either of the reciprocal docks, you could be blocked in for the weekend unless you move. In addition, the PC Cruise In to BYC will take place the following weekend of August 17-19. If you need to move your boat, or will have a vacant slip or boatshed on those weekends, please coordinate with Float Chairman Dana Cutting to help facilitate our moorage space.

Happy Cruising! I remain your Humble Servant,

Mike Dunn
Vice Commodore

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Posted: 16 July 2007 (gk)
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