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16 March 2007

Second Edition: 19 March 2007*

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Don Hardgrove
Vice Commodore

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As the ides of March are upon us, I can't think of anyone who isn't ready for Spring. Preparations for Tacoma Yacht Club's All That Jazz Daffodil Weekend are in progress and Captain Don Park and first Mate Donna have generously stepped up to chair the float decorating committee. In order to bring the concept to completion we will need volunteers. Without more hands on deck the project won't set sail, so please if ya' wanna, call Don, Don or Donna as soon as possible to get in on the fun. BYC has a longstanding tradition of participating in Tacoma's annual Gala and my hope is that this year we will continue the tradition of supporting this community event with our own Bremerton spirit. Reciprocity for TYC's stellar attendance at our Heavy Weather Weekend is in order. With TYC whisking off the coveted Bremello Trophy at the Skit/Song Competition at BYC, we definitely need to participate in Daffodil festivities. We would love to have as many members as possible participate and show our neighbors to the South we are there to support them and a good time is sure to result on top of that.

On March 19th we will have the Admiral, and opening Day committee from the Seattle Yacht Club as our guests for our St Patrick's Day Dinner. I hope to see a great turn out and the unveiling of the Opening Day Boat theme for BYC will take place after we have bid farewell to our guests. Let's just say, you're going to want to be in on this one, because we are going to be having some good old-fashioned fun this year.

Thank you to the Skipperrettes and Skupperettes for a scrumptious Klondike Breakfast March 11, 2007, the homemade pancakes and Portuguese Donuts added an especially delicious touch.

As Jenny and I embark on a "cruise ship to Ireland", a.k.a our Final Junior Officer's Ball in Olympia, WA I would like to share with you how rewarding going through the chairs has been thus far. The opportunity to visit all of the clubs in the Grand Fourteen, make friends and learn about area club business and social activities has really been an eye opening and enjoyable experience. My hope is that anyone thinking of going through the chairs or sitting on the executive committee will contact myself or any of the bridge officers to learn more and volunteer if you can. As Commodore Ron Morse advises in his March Towline, Mike Leedy is the contact person for nominations.

Recruiting new members continues to be a priority for our club and as always if anyone knows of anyone interested, please contact Blain Eliot. Expansion and improvement of our fine club will be enhanced by increased membership.

Thank you to everyone for volunteering your time so far this year. Turning out for events with so many eager to work on projects really makes it all worthwhile.

We are looking forward to a visit from E.Bunny at the Easter Party and seeing all of the little ones enjoy the party. Hope to see you there.


V.C. Don Hardgrove

* The second edition became necessary since the original posting happened to be last year's Report from the Bridge (2006). Although nobody picked up the error, the V/C was honest enough and wrote a more updated version once he found the time. Thanks, V/C, and we do read your reports, just that we are a little slow at times!!

Don Hardgrove's Report from March/April 2006

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Posted: 16 & 19 March 2007 (gk)
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