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16 August 2007

    Don Park
    Rear Commodore

    Photo of Rear Commodore

    The weekend of the 10-12 of August brought the Grand 14 Officers together as Donna and I had a chance to meet and get acquainted with the newly elected Rear Commodores referred to as the Class of 2010. I have to say after this weekend all (14) clubs will be in good hands when this class becomes The Commodores of their respective Clubs.

    Thank You Sylvia for spending your weekend at the club taking hundreds of pictures.

    A big thanks goes to Captain Steve Brett for his help this weekend using his dingy to help the Yachts get turned around and stern tied.

    Just another reminder that the dumpster is for the trash and items to be discarded from your boat or Boat house. Please break down large or awkward shaped items before it goes in the dumpster.

    Point to Ponder: A Nautical mile is a distance on the earth surface of 6,080 feet, which is equal to one minute of Latitude at the earth's equator. The origin of the nautical mile started with the realization that the earth was not flat (580 b.c). A major advance that made early navigation much more accurate was the invention of the "chip log" (c. 1500-1600). Essentially a crude speedometer, a light line was knotted at regular intervals and weighted to drag over the stern as the pilot counted the knots that were let out over a period of time.

    The knots were spaced at a distance apart of 47 feet 3 inches; the number of these knots running out out while a 28-second sand glass emptied out gave the speed of the ship in nautical miles per hour. The proportion of 47 feet 3 inches to 6,080 feet is the same as 28 seconds to one hour. 10 knots or 10 nautical miles per hour would be about 11.5 standard miles per hour.

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Posted: 16 August 2007 (gk)
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