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16 October 2007

    Don Park
    Rear Commodore

    Photo of Rear Commodore

    I do apologize for missing last month's article. After returning from a eventful weekend at Anderson Island , we unpacked Misty Rose and repacked a 2006 Chevy Van and headed for Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Our daughter (youngest) was to get married. The whole week was sunny and warm which was good because of all the running around for last minute items. As the day approached, the families moved from Condos in town to cabins some 17 miles out. The ceremony was to be held outside in a somewhat rustic scene. The Bride and Groom stood on a small platform with a wood arbor, which was on shore of a flowing river and the guests were seated along a short path.

    My daughter's special day went smooth and all invited guests had a wonderful time. After returning home Donna had to unpack and repack for her trip (next day) to Japan which she does every other month for the Shipyard.

    Just to let you know that Work Party time is upon us, please continue to check the calendar and bulletin board for times. The required time is 16 hours per membership [As voted in at General Membership Meeting of 15 October 2007! (the Web Editor)]. Yes, there is a lunch provided . There is plenty to do, if you have any questions please contact the Work Party Chairman Norm Smith.

    Still looking for a Christmas (Santa) ship for the Lighted Boat parade. The P/C's will decorate your boat for you..

    Point to Ponder:
    What is the difference between
    a boat and a yacht?* According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a yacht is a large usually motor-driven craft used for pleasure cruising and a boat is a small vessel for travel on water. This topic is very subjective because according to some the size of a vessel matters and according to others it does not. Below are several descriptions for your interpretation:

    The size issue begins with those who feel that any vessel above 30' is a yacht, while others believe that any vessel over 40' is a yacht and still others believe that any vessel over 65' is a yacht. Anyone who owns a vessel in the 30' to 65' range should realize that if they want to call their vessel a yacht, there are others making the same claim including manufacturers. The consensus seems to be that any vessel between 65' and 150' is a yacht. Vessels larger than 150' would be considered a ship, while others may refer to them as a mega or super yacht.

    A yacht is any private vessel used for pleasure but designed for crossing large bodies of water. A boat is any form of vessel designed to operate on a small body of water. In conclusion to this great debate, the major differences between a yacht and a boat exist largely in the eye of the beholder.

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Posted: 16 October 2007; updated: 17 October (gk)
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