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17 April 2007

Mike Dunn
Rear Commodore

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It was only after I entered a Towline date header of “May 2007” that I was surprised to realize that this will be my last article as Rear Commodore. It is also a very momentous occasion for me personally, and for the entire Club as well. The 16 April, 2007 General Meeting will result in the Bremerton Yacht Club reaching a Historic Milestone by completing the process of conversion from an Individual Membership Club to a Family Membership Club. At that meeting we will radically change the Club operations by Obligating approximately fifty former spouses, or significant others, as full fledged Club Members. Each of them will finally be eligible to vote, to become elected Club Officers, become appointed as a Committee Chair, to earn service points, and to continue all privileges in the event of the death of their spouse or significant other. Many of my counterparts in other Grand XIV Yacht Clubs have sent messages of “Hearty Congratulations” that are directed to both the former and the current Membership. Those Congratulatory messages are well deserved.

Now I must prepare to turn over my primary House and Grounds duties to the new Rear Commodore. I am happy to see that the Park Shelter Project is well underway, and is now in the capable hands of PC Bob Bachman and his Committee. My new task going forward is to focus on Social Activities and issues related to the floats. This is a great opportunity for both present and new members to step forward and volunteer to either Chair or serve on the committee for some of the wonderful Social functions that have always been such a fun filled part of Bremerton Yacht Club. The first opportunities available just around the corner are the annual Picnic-in-the-Park socials. These are not only fun-filled events, but are an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time outdoors, with no dishes to wash, while earning 0.3 points serving as Chairperson. If you will be out cruising this summer, then the Sunday Breakfasts in the Fall months would be an excellent choice for you to complete one or two tours as Chairperson and rack up those Service Points. Remember, both the opportunity to choose a better moorage and to choose your schedule on the Railway are dependent on those extra Service Points.

I can honestly report that my first year on the Bridge has been less intimidating than I had feared, and more rewarding than I could have hoped for. The Members of the PC Club of BYC have gone out of their way, time after time, to mentor a new Rear Commodore. In the process, they teach, counsel, comfort, correct, and when necessary, deliver a well aimed kick-in-the butt. I offer them my heartfelt “Thank You”, and advise any and all future RC’s to fully appreciate them and listen to their wise counsel. The experience of meeting your counterparts in the other Grand XIV Yacht Clubs, forming a “Class” of 28 close friends having the same experiences as you, and then cruising as a group to 14 other Clubs is an absolutely unbeatable benefit of “going through the Chairs”. I am greateful to the Membership for giving me this opportunity, and will continue to serve you to the best of my ability. I look forward to becoming your Vice Commodore.

As always, I remain your Humble Servant.

Mike Dunn
Rear Commodore

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Posted: 17 April 2007 (gk)
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