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24 February 2006

Mike Dunn
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

Believe it or not, the time is fast approaching to search out all the clocks in the house, car and boat in order to "Spring Ahead" one hour on March 11th . The days are getting a bit longer, and hopefully, the freezing nights are behind us. Glory Be, is it possible that Spring will be here soon and we can get on with the resurfacing of the parking lots?

Another sure sign that the Winter is almost over is that we have now held the 73rd running of the BYC Heavy Weather Log Race. And what a weekend it was! For anyone not fortunate enough to make it to the Saturday night's Brem-a-loha Luau, you missed out - Big Time! A real great "5-Rum Punch" and wine social hour set the stage for the evening. The Luau Cuisine, featuring a Whole Roast Pig, and served to an overflow crowd, made for a Hawaiian dinner that was truly Superb. While we were still savoring the delights of the Luau, we were treated to the absolutely finest performance of Hawaiian dancing any of us I spoke to had ever seen, despite the combined numerous visits to Captain Cook's Sandwich Islands. Mike and Mona Lisa Ryan treated us to a spectacularly talented "Authentic Hawaiian Dance Troupe", with dancers ranging from about age four to fourteen. The grace, precision, and the beauty of their performances kept each and every spectator completely enthralled throughout a wide variety of different Island Dance renditions. Believe it or not, that was only the early part of the evening. Still to come were the Club Skits and dancing to the Live Band. However, to avoid repetition, I'll leave the telling of the "Rest of the Story" to others.

By the time you read this, BYC will have submitted a request to Kitsap County for a construction permit to build a Picnic Shelter. This process had to be accelerated in order to avoid a planned expansion of the " shoreline setback" rules, from the present 25' to 100', contained within the County Shoreline Management Plan mandated by the State DOE. We have requested a 24' by 40' shelter, with a 35' setback, in order to obtain a reasonably sized shelter within the confines of the existing setback rules, the park area, and to minimize the negative Shoreline Management Plan impact on soil retention caused by tree removal. The submitted plans do NOT constitute a DESIGN of the Shelter. The basic structure will closely resemble the photos of State Park Shelters taken by the VC and posted on the bulletin board. The permit request only specifies a BASIC structure, at minimum cost, in order to "Stop the Clock" and "Grandfather" BYC to the current setback rules. Once the Permit Application is approved, a Committee will be set up to accept and review design suggestions from Members, and to provide some realistic cost estimates for consideration when submitted for vote. After the General Membership votes on "an exterior design" and a "Budgeted amount", the permit can then be modified to include any changes necessary to achieve the approved design.

The existing shed in the park is also scheduled for "renovation" to become enclosed and lockable. However, it will remain unchanged until completion of the Shelter so that it can be constructed to complement the shelter design. Since it will be a "renovation" only, no permit should be necessary. Hopefully, we will eventually wind up with a Park that will be an asset that can be used year around. Look for more information and updates to be posted in the Clubhouse. In the meantime, lets all look forward to the upcoming signs of the arrival of our great Northwest Spring weather.

As always, I remain your Humble Servant.

Mike Dunn
Rear Commodore

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Posted: 24 February 2006 (gk)
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