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18 December 2006

Mike Dunn
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

Hopefully, we have all gotten safely through another busy Holiday Season. Now that the New Year, 2007, is finally upon us, we can concentrate our efforts elsewhere. Like, making and keeping our New Year’s Resolutions. Personally, I hereby resolve to make the Picnic Shelter and “renovation” of the Club Park area a reality in 2007.

Moving beyond the Christmas and New Years Holidays, it is time once again for Thanksgiving. No, not the Holiday again, but the giving of thanks that we were blessed with good weather for the Special Peoples Cruise. We also give thanks for the time, money, and efforts of the sponsoring organizations, the Skipperettes, Chairperson John Rosendale, the Committee Members, and the many dedicated Skippers and Crew who donated their boats and fuel. Everyone did so much to provide the Christmas Spirit to all of the “Special People”. Likewise, let us have a thanksgiving for the good weather on both nights of the Lighted Boats Parade. Let us also give thanks to PC Longenecker in the Lead Boat, PC Carrr in the Santa Boat, Music Boats from PC’s Miller, Henry, and Floyd, Logan “Santa” Knapp, Mona Lisa “Santa’s voice” Ryan, and the 14 or so other Members who donated their time, boats, and fuel. Hundreds of Kitsap families enjoyed a greeting by Santa, with hundreds more viewing the spectacular BYC Christmas Parade.

As we enter 2007, there is a new set of Annual Club Activities at BYC that deserve “Special Attention” from our Membership. Now is the time to dedicate one of those New Year’s Resolutions to fulfilling whatever will be your personal contribution to this great organization. Bremerton Yacht Club was purchased and built solely by its Members, and continues to be operated by, and for, the Membership. The Club’s future success depends entirely on the dedication and participation of all of us as Members. On behalf of all Members, please accept a thanksgiving to each of you for your time ands efforts in making 2006 a year of many successes. May 2007 be an equal or greater success.

The first Major Event each year is the Heavy Weather Weekend – actually a 4 day weekend - running Friday February 16th through Monday February 19th. This is the BIG Club event in which “all available hands” are strongly urged to actively participate. The Clubhouse and the floats will be inundated with visitors. We will be visited by Log Racers, Observers, party goers and general spectators, from The Grand XIV Clubs, other Puget Sound Yacht Clubs, plus a few individuals who just love to race. The visitor docks are filled to capacity, and dozens of boats are rafted out from special timbers placed on both sides of the Club Cover. Opportunities abound for you to assist (and earn points) in keeping the Heavy Weather Race as the “Largest Predicted Log Race” in the Country. Looking onward, the weather keeps getting better, and the boating events more frequent. Happy 2007 to one and all!

Your Humble Servant,

Mike Dunn
Rear Commodore

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Posted: 18 December 2006 (gk)
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