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11 July 2007

Don Park
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

Well, the much anticipated Grand XIV is soon upon BYC once again, as the officers will cruise in August 10-12 for a weekend of social activities. I am hoping the weather will hold for that week, maybe a few degrees cooler. Thank you goes out to Sylvia once again for helping put together the invitations; she also has agreed to put the weekend of madness for this class of 2010 Rear Commodores on film and pictures.

Sylvia is sending a final call for the Annual (deadline 30 July): I ask that everyone please take a few minutes to check this year's Annual to make sure that all your information is up to date including not only your address and telephone numbers, but also pictures of you and your boat.

Chair for the House and Grounds, Tammy Bollinger Markham, has been busy making chair backings that will be used to decorate and accent the New Year's Party and Commodore's Ball and other events of that nature that are held at the club.

The Galley Chair, Lynn Rumbold, has also been busy; Donna and I had a chance to sit down with her and go over some of her ideas. Lynn had some great input and is focused on making the galley more user-friendly. If you have any thoughts on this please let me or the Chairperson know.

A trip to the San Juans has been in the planning stage for some time, and for us it has arrived. We will be heading up July 13-22 with four powerboats and one sailboat. We will have a guided tour with veterans of the islands' passage. As we go over the list of items to take (which seems never ending) the boat is packed and ready to set course.

Point to Ponder: Burgee - A small flag ending in a point or a swallow-tail. If it ends in a point it is, in mercantile language, a pennant; but among yacht clubs, each adopts one as a distinguishing mark, the burgee almost always pointed, those of Commodore, Vice Commodore, and Rear Commodore being swallowed-tail. The different devices to be seen on yachts burgees are very numerous and are published annually in Huntís Yacht List. When a yacht club flies a particular ensign the burgee of the same club is displayed with it. A yacht may belong to several clubs, but she never flies the burgee of one with the ensign of the other. And when she comes to the headquarters of a club to which she belongs, she always flies its burgee. On festive occasions, such as regattas, a yacht flies all the colors to which the owner has a right, in order of precedence, with those of the local club usually at the head, or if (s)he is an officer of any club the ensign and burgee of that club have precedence. On Sundays the burgee may be hoisted and flown together with any colors that may have been won during the season, and the ensign over the taffrail (stern).

Donald A. Park
Rear Commodore

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Posted: 11 July 2007 (gk)
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