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17 September 2007

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    Don Hardgrove

    Photo of Commodore

    I am pleased to be able to announce that contractors will begin the basement repairs this week, after the Executive Committee gave the green light. McBride Construction out of Seattle will be doing the work. Again I want to thank everyone for the patience during this difficult process. We should see an extremely different set of circumstances downstairs, very soon. There are two other projects that have been moving through various committees over the last few years and they are now being prepared for presentation to you the General Membership for your approval. Namely, the projects are the Railway Cover and the Picnic Shelter for the Park. I encourage you to learn as much about these projects as possible in order for you to best determine what you view as the advantages and disadvantages that will be brought to the club. I have asked Capt. Steve Brett to schedule a Meeting(s) to go over the projects and answer any questions and concerns you may have.

    It's hard to believe that summer officially concludes in a few short days. Some of the warmest days were during the Labor Day weekend at Oro Bay and we sure enjoyed a fabulous weekend thanks to the extraordinary job done by Mr. and Mrs. Fleet Captains Mike and Mona-Lisa Ryan. Saturday night at Oro Bay was definitely a blowout - literally - we blew all of the power out with the help of our counterparts from Tacoma Yacht Club (TYC). Now we know that with over a hundred boats powered up with lights on, refrigerators humming and heaters and stoves running, equipment from our respective Karaoke DJ's strobing and amplifying along with Tacoma's jumbo Bounce House going - we overdid things, just enough to shut down the power. Thanks to the crew from Anderson Island, 50% of power was restored and we were able to seamlessly enjoy the rest of the weekend. The camaraderie and hospitality extended to BYC by TYC was most appreciated. We were invited over for an afternoon reception complete with tropical coolers and entertainment for the kids, who enjoyed hours of fun, bouncing in the big bounce house. Thanks again to Tacoma for welcoming us and sharing a fun weekend. Also a gigantic thank you goes out to all who assisted our fleet captains, Bryan Golden and his first mate and Captain and Mrs. Cliff Lillybridge for providing the extremely useful Oro Bay car. The meals provided by our fleet captains were outstanding, as were the raffle prizes! Some members that attended their first cruise, exclaimed how much fun it was and they will be cruising again with BYC, so if you haven't joined a club cruise, they are well worth it. There is plenty to do, with games and activities, or just come along to relax and enjoy the view.

    On the way to Oro Bay or perhaps on the way back, Penrose Point is a 150-acre waterfront park that is not to be missed. The hiking trails are scenic and lush with trees, perfect for a leisurely hike and worthy of a stop when you can make the time.

    Thanks to Captain Al and Joanne Gonzalez, and Committee Chair Captain Kevin and Lori McStay along with all of the crew for putting on a delicious salmon bake with the best Salmon anywhere and plenty to go around.

    As many of you know, we will be attending Commodore Balls this year at the Grand 14 Yacht clubs from October through June, so if you don't see us at the club for a Saturday function, that is where we will be. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you at BYC and spending some fun times with friends at our upcoming social activities and General meetings. Around the corner is the traditional Oktoberfest, a wonderful early Fall gathering October 5, 2007 and after that a Halloween Joint Cruise to POYC. Check your Calendar for more happenings and come out for some fun or a meeting, and please volunteer some time for the good of the club and enjoy some camaraderie and time with your fellow and lady boaters.

    As Always,

    Don Hardgrove, Commodore

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Posted: 17 September 2007 (gk)
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