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10 April 2007

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Ron Morse

Photo of Commodore

As I write my last Towline article, I realize the three year journey Penny and I experienced is rapidly coming to an end. What ride it has been! The opportunity of meeting new friends, visiting new places, and sharing mutual problems, provide fond memories that will last the rest of our lives. The privilege of leading this fine organization has been challenging, at times frustrating, but in the end very rewarding. I thank you for this opportunity to serve and ask that you continue to support our new Bridge Officers as well as you have me. Please accept my personal thanks for all your hard work and support these past three years - you are a wonderful team!

Your Club has accomplished much this past year. The marina piling issue has been put to rest freeing up funds for other projects. The septic system has been upgraded. The railway car was totally overhauled and new gates and walkways added. The environmental issues effecting all haulout facilities have been hopefully resolved and a railway cover is in development. A pavilion for the park is in the design stage and out for permits. The Oro Bay outstation has a new DNR lease and thanks to Mother Nature, has had some forced landscaping including a new flag pole and concrete pad at the head of the dock. The waste oil recycling station has been refurbished and a fuel spill boom is ready to be installed at the fuel dock. Our crowning achievement is the passage of the Family Membership proposal on the 2nd of April with an almost 80% approval.
Photo: Sylvia Wilson

The Post-(Mass-)Obligation Celebration at 16 April General Meeting

Almost sixty new members were obligated at the General Meeting on 16 April. P/C Billings and his committee did a masterful job of working through the myriad of details and presenting a finished project that required very little adjustment. What a thrill to hear the cheer that went up when the final vote was announced! All of these projects, except for the septic system, were accomplished by yacht club volunteers which is why we are such a great Club and financially strong! Well Done!

The next six weeks will be filled with BYC club events in addition to the Daffodil Festival at Tacoma Yacht Club and Opening Day at Seattle where Vice Commodore Hardgrove and his crew have designed a spectacular entry for both parades. In addition to the social events and Mother's Day Breakfast, we have the Election of Officers at the first General Meeting in May, Awards Night on May 11th and the Installation of Officers on May 19th. Please look for the announcements in the Towline and bulletin board in the lounge. It is important for all members to be involved as we begin our 78th year.

Again, I am proud to have served as a Bridge Office these past three years and thank you for your dedication and support.

Ronald P. Morse

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Posted: 10 April 2006 (gk)
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