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19 February 2007

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Ron Morse

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As I rush to complete this Towline article on the afternoon of the Heavy Weather Breakfast, I again stand in awe of what this club can accomplish. What a fantastic weekend! I want to express my personal thanks to all of our members who worked so hard to make this event such a huge success. Starting with the Work Party the week before to the Wine Tasting on Friday night, to the Luau Dinner, Hawaiian dance group and skit competition, and to the navigation contest, Evening in Tuscany Dinner, awards ceremony and the Monday breakfast, it went off almost without a hitch. The junior bridge officers and event chair persons did a magnificent job of coordination in making it all come together. If anyone has any suggestions on how we can improve this event in the future, please contact any of the bridge officers. This is your club and this is our most important event of the year and we want to do it right. As a side comment, BYC won the coveted Heavy Weather Skit trophy for the very first time, thanks to the efforts of CAPT McStay and his crew, and the Navigation Contest Team Trophy much to the dismay of our brothers from Queen City Yacht Club.

We are rapidly approaching that time in the Club calendar when we need to address nominations for the next year. Please give some serious thought to serving your Club in areas where you feel you can make a difference. The Nominating Committee will be looking for candidates to run for the positions of Rear Commodore, Secretary, and two positions on the Executive Committee. If you feel the urge to be involved in guiding and developing the future of your Club, please contact CAPT Leedy, or P/C's Wheeler, Billings, or Carr to express your desires.

Upcoming, we have a dinner meeting on March 19th where we will be given a presentation by Seattle Yacht Club Opening Day Trio on this year's theme, "Musical Memories." Be sure to signup early on the bulletin board in the lounge so you will not miss the St. Patrick's Day dinner theme directed by Chef Al Gonzalez. This is always a well attended event. Then in April, we need to support Tacoma Yacht Club in their annual Daffodil festival with this year's theme, "Daffodil and All That Jazz." TYC's entire Bridge, Port Captain, and their wives supported our Heavy Weather event and participated in the skit contest. We need to support them!

Ronald Morse

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Posted: 19 February 2007 (gk)
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