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16 May 2007

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Don Hardgrove

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Greetings to All,

I would like to thank you for your ongoing support, and dedication this year and express my gratitude for the opportunity to serve as Commodore 2007 to 2008. We have had a tremendous year at BYC and that is because of all of the truly great members I have been fortunate to get to know these last 3 years since joining the Bremerton Yacht Club. I would also like to acknowledge all of the contributions made to our club over the last 78 years that make BYC what it is Today - a place where members and guests feel comfortable and take pride in visiting.

With pride of ownership comes responsibility to preserve, maintain and enhance what we have. Please, take the time to treat the club as an owner and take care of it as you would if this is your home, be considerate and replace the ice you take, don't stack garbage next to the dumpster, clean up after yourself and do the right thing even when no one is looking. Many of you have ideas on how the club can be improved. so, please consider that in order for ideas to be feasible, recommendations are also needed and the proposed solutions need to specify how the problems identified can be fixed, how the plan will be implemented and by whom. Dedication to envision success and for it to actually succeed, results not just from great ideas, but also from human resources to execute the proposed improvements. A club with as many lively and spirited members as ours, also requires harnessing that energy and being realistic about what we can do, what we can afford and how much time will be required for the "Good of the Club!"

A gigantic Elvis sized Thank you to all of you who participated in Opening Day and cheered on the winning team of the Seattle Yacht Club's Admiral's Trophy! I especially would like to thank Captain Mike and Mona Lisa Ryan for the foundation of Elvis, Blind Faith and to Captain Don Park for chairing the committee and to new member's Allen Martin for volunteering every weekend to get Elvis on the water and Kevin McStay for his theatric talents and voice.

The last two years as Rear and Vice Commodore serving with Commodore Ron Morse have been very rewarding and I owe a debt of gratitude to Commodore Morse for his steadfast leadership and friendship. Thank you Ron for all you have done for BYC. I look forward to paying tribute to Cmdr Morse his lovely wife Penny and all of the Grand Fourteen Turtle class of 2007 at the Commodore's Ball, June second.

Please welcome the newest member of the Bridge, incoming Rear Commodore Don Park and his wife Donna. As new members to BYC, stepping up to serve on the bridge is very much appreciated. As club members, you have elected an energetic and enthusiastic team in Don and Donna who also work full time and have generously committed their time to the betterment of the club. Please lend your full support to Rear Commodore Park and Vice Commodore elect Mike Dunn and his wife Abbie. We are unified in forecasting a rewarding year ahead and we are counting on you to join us in the journey ahead.

June 30th Vessel Registration is due so please turn yours in as soon as possible.

Change of Watch is May 18th and at 6:30pm I hope to see you for this special occasion. We will commence with appetizers and an open Bar, followed by the ceremony at 7pm, Cake and Champagne directly afterward and raising the Flags on our boats down at the Dock. Please join us if you can for this celebration.

Memorial Day at Oro Bay is next on the list and we are again fortunate to have Anderson Island Fire Chief Jim Bixler and his crew put on the Saturday night Barbeque and entertainment that has been so well attended and enjoyed by our club. Sunday is the annual Pancake Breakfast at the Fire Station that supports the Fire Department and we are looking forward to our first cruise of the season with Fleet Captains Mike and Lisa Ryan. We could not be happier to have these two serving the club in this capacity, so please give them a hand when you see them. Also, thank you to P/C Captain Leo Longenecker and Stacy for the outstanding job done as Fleet Captains last year. The Big Brother Cruise this year is hosted by Queen City Yacht Club at their outstation in Winslow on June 23rd and is a great close get-a-way. Picnics in the Park and Sailing at BYC are on the agenda, too. Youth Sailing is a wonderful chance for youth who live in our area or are visiting to have an unforgettable Summer experience, so please sponsor someone you care about to sail.

In July the Viet Nam Memorial Wall, hosted by Miller-Woodlawn Funeral Home will arrive in Bremerton, please consider volunteering and attending. Contact Susan Teale, coordinator for more details at 360-377-7648.

Thank you all for a rewarding year as we look forward to 2007-2008, I wish you limited rough waters, strong sea legs, and smooth sailing.

Commodore Don Hardgrove

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