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16 June 2007

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Don Hardgrove

Photo of Commodore

Greetings To All,

To those who said the last two years as rear and vice commodore would fly by - you were right - they have. Thank you to everyone on the Change of Watch Committee for making this a special night. It was a pleasure and honor to share the night with the Poulsbo Bridge Officers, BYC members, family, friends and guests.

Our Fleet Captain and First Mate Lisa Ryan have exceeded our expectations already and we have only been on one cruise - down to Oro Bay for Memorial Day Weekend. The Color Guard ceremony with the ROTC Lake High School Honor Guard from Pierce County really made this a memorable event, complete with poems read by members and dedications to each that served in the armed services. Fire Chief Jim Bixler and his crew put on another great bbq followed by live music "The Jumpers" from Portland, Oregon. The tradition of the Sunday Pancake breakfast at the Fire Station was a great way to start the day and visit with Islanders.

The Commodore Ball hosted by P.C. Charlie and Sharon Billings honoring Commodore Ron and Penny Morse was a heartfelt success. I will never forget what it has meant to me personally to have had the opportunity to have served with these fine folks and share the experience of going through the chairs.

Next on the list is the 1st Picnic in the Park Wednesday June 20, 2007 at 1800 thanks to our Picnic Chairs Dave and Jan Cordodor. A few days later come out to Winslow for the Big Brother Cruise and enjoy a close get-a-way. The weather is supposed to be warming up and this will be a great way to kick off to the official start of summer.

Raft up in Liberty Bay for the fireworks on the Fjord with friends and don't forget the Viet Nam Wall Memorial and the July 18, Picnic in the Park after that.

I am happy to report that even "old sea dogs" can learn new tricks. I'm referring to the adult Laser sailing classes introduced this year and hosted by Capt. Mike Knight, Capt. Sam Throm and "X"Commodore Ron Morse. Those Lasers are not only user friendly surprisingly stable and easy to set up and control. In no time at all, you are tickling a part of your brain not used since you were a kid. Many thanks to everyone involved in the Youth Sailing Program for providing this wonderful opportunity to experience the thrill of yesteryear.

Special recognition goes out to Lisa Ryan for her work as the Towline Editor and to Gunter Krumme and Dave Uebele. We have an incredible team, and the updates to the web, publicity for the club are outstanding. Oftentimes, large or small web sites are updated quarterly, so we are very fortunate to be able to log on to the BYC Web site and find something new oftentimes on a daily basis. Thanks again for making the communications so accessible for so many.

If you havn't had a chance to visit YouTube, please go to the site and check out Kevin McStay's video the "Elvis Float" He did an outstanding job making a movie of the Elvis Float and Crew on Opening Day, May 5, 2007.

If you will be out cruising the second weekend in August (the 10th, 11th and 12th) contact Don Park R/C and let him know. The Grand 14 Officer's Cruise-In is this Weekend and it would be greatly appreciated if your slips are available. The Officer's Cruise-Ins are held every year in August in Bremerton, hosted by BYC and in January in Eagle Harbor, hosted by QCYC and the generosity of the members is truly appreciated.

Happy and Safe Cruising!
Don Hardgrove

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Posted: 16 June 2007 (gk)
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