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Commodore's Comments: January 2007

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Ron Morse

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It is hard to think ahead to January when Penny and I haven't even put out the Christmas decorations. These past few weeks have been extremely busy with yacht club events which again were a huge success - the Tree Decoration Party, Children's Christmas Party, Special People's Cruise, two nights of the Lighted Boats Parade culminating with a spectacular Christmas Dinner and the Bridge Officer's Egg Nog party. Throw in five or six meetings and I would say we have seen a lot of each other in December! I want to express my personal thanks to all who were part of the committees for these events and also all the members who attended or participated. This is what this Club is all about and makes us such a great organization.

The marine railway is again up and running. Many thanks to CAPT Steve Brett for his leadership in the project and to all the members who disassembled, stripped, chipped, scrapped, needle-gunned, painted, greased, and reassembled. Projects like this in which the total labor is done by the members sets us apart from other yacht clubs in the area and makes us the grand organization that we are. It was an exciting occasion to watch CAPT Golden's yacht make the first haulout. It would have been more festive except for the pouring rain. We now move on to the railway cover project, currently in design, and hope to have a presentation to the membership in January.

The Planning Committee hopes to shortly make its recommendations to the membership for acceptance and then pass them on to the Budget Committee for funding. The possible projects include paving the parking lot, park gazebo, new power for the winch house and shop, and security card reader replacements and update. If anyone has suggestions or input for any of these items, please contact any of the Bridge Officers.

Upcoming at the General Meeting in January is the signup for the Railway so plan to attend. Over President's Day weekend in February is our annual Heavy Weather Race. Be sure to keep checking the bulletin board in the lounge for the schedule and signup sheets. The Vice Commodore has great plans for a fun filled weekend which you do not want to miss.

Penny and I hope you had a happy and safe holiday season and look forward to the challenges of 2007.

Ronald P. Morse

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Posted: 12 December 2006 (gk)
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