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16 January 2007

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Ron Morse

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I would like to begin by thanking all the members for their vigilance and help during the recent events of wind, rain and snow. Your efforts certainly prevented any major damage and kept what there was to a minimum. Our Oro Bay outstation, however, did not fair as well with many trees down and some collateral damage to the gazebo and head of the brow. A special thanks to Captain Jim Bixler and the fireboat crew, Captains Golden, Armstrong, Brett, Paxton, Pine, Ritter and Robinson, and P/C’s Henry and Reierson and their spouses for their help in the major cleanup and repairs. As I have said many times, this is what makes our Club such a unique and great organization.

As we approach our Heavy Weather Weekend, I encourage all members, and especially the new ones, to check the bulletin board in the lounge, website and Towline for the schedule of events. V/C Hardgrove has put together an exciting program of social events with some great themes which should prove fun for all. However, we also need help with putting out the timbers along the Club cover, fire watches, constant rearrangement of tables and chairs, parking, and also support for all of the social events. This is a great time for all new members to add to their point total. And also, there happens to be a Heavy Weather Predicted Log Race on Sunday, February 18th. As this is our biggest event to host, I encourage as many members as possible to participate. P/C Henry and our other long time predicted log racers will certainly provide guidance and help. We must be a part of it!

The Club has just purchased two more Laser sailboats so we now have a total of six. If we can encourage our teenagers to get involved in sailing, we have a real opportunity to establish some competition with other clubs in the area. This kind of involvement will help to secure our future and promote “Vision 2029.”

Be sure to attend the next few General Meetings as we will have will have several proposals that will greatly impact the future of the Club. Besides the annual planning and budget proposals for the next year, we will have discussions and a vote on the railway cover, a presentation, discussion and vote on spousal membership, and further discussion of an outstation in Port Gamble. These are important decisions that will have an impact on all the members and the future of the Club. It is very important to be present and involved! Again, check the bulletin board, the website, and the Towline for the specific dates and times.

This continues to be an exciting year!

Ronald Morse

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Posted: 16 January 2007 (gk)
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