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13 March 2007

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Ron Morse

Photo of Commodore

Again, we approach that time of year when the membership must focus on the selection of officers for the coming year and develop the budget. These are two of the most important functions in any club and require the attention of all members in order to keep the organization alive and fiscally sound.

At the first meeting in April, the Nominating Committee headed by CAPT Mike Leedy will make nominations for the office of Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer, two positions on the Executive Committee, and the remaining term of CAPT Thomas who is leaving because of work commitments. They are looking for individuals who will stand up and willingly take on the responsibility to lead and manage the Club through the 2007-2008 year. Although the positions require the dedication of time and effort, the "trip through the chairs" has been one of the most rewarding things Penny and I have done and the friendships made in our gatherings in the Grand XIV will be cherished forever. If any of you feel up to the challenge and willing to devote the time, please contact CAPT Leedy or any Bridge Officer.

There are also several positions of leadership appointed by the Commodore as chairpersons of the various committees needed to keep the day to day operations of the Club running smoothly. I am sure Vice Commodore Hardgrove is looking to fill some of these important positions in his term for the next year and would be most happy to hear from you.

The Planning Committee has been busy the past few months organizing the needs of the Club for the near future and has made its recommendations to the Budget Committee to develop the 2007-2008 Budget. This has been presented and accepted by the Executive Committee and will be presented to the membership, published and ready for a vote at the April 3rd General Meeting.

The Committee studying the BYC Bylaw and Regulation changes necessary to permit Family Membership has presented its recommendation to the Executive Committee with unanimous support and will have presented and published its recommendations to the membership also for final vote at this meeting. With this in mind, your attendance and participation at the next few General Meetings is absolutely essential in determining the future of our Club. Please become involved.

Several big events are coming up fast and are always fun. The TYC Daffodil Festival on 20 - 22 April, SYC Opening Day on 5 May, and our Award's Night on 11 May. Please check the BYC website or bulletin board in the lounge for the flyers and signup sheets. Hope to see you there.

Ronald Morse

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Posted: 13 March 2007 (gk)
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