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16 August 2006

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Don Hardgrove
Vice Commodore

Photo of Vice Commodore

It is August 16th, 2006, which means that there are 37 days of summer left to enjoy on the water and speaking of water, I would like to alert you to the new Haul out Policy recently implemented by the Railway Committee. As of now and for the next few weeks if you are hauling out your boat, you will need to keep the center and aft supports loosened until the boat settles on the car floor and then you can dog them off foot tight. The Railway Operator will pause the car in order for you to accomplish this. There has been some potential for Toe rail damage if this is not done. A flyer is posted with instructions at the Railway and in the clubhouse. New braces will be fabricated in October to correct the problem. Also you may have noticed new steel piling in the Marina. The old wood piling was replaced based on its belief to be the worst of the lot. A cross section of the piling revealed that it was in surprisingly good condition and should be serviceable for another 15 years. You may also notice that the Fire main is getting much needed attention in the coming days, and now to some fun stuff.

The Labor Day Cruise to Oro Bay is fast approaching. A Carnival theme and movie night will be part of the weekend festivities, so be sure to get your name on the list. For more details about the weekend and traditional Anderson Island Parade visit the BYC Website.

PICNICS: The August 16th Picnic in the Park hosted by John and Marilyn Adair was a rousing success and the Tri-tips were delish. It was a terrific way to celebrate the last picnic of the summer and a great chance to catch up with friends. I would also like to extend a big shout out to Mike Ryan and Mona Lisa for hosting the July Picnic in the Park. The BYC "Poker Run" was clever and a great way to burn off a few calories after the outstanding BBQ and fixings we all indulged in.

The Youth Sailing has rapped up (or should I say rafted up?) for the summer. The Club owes a huge dept of gratitude to Capt. Mike Knight. Thanks are also in order to everyone who has supported the efforts to enrich the lives of our Kitsap teens either through publicity or hands on instruction and participation in this very worthwhile endeavor.

On September 10th Captain Al Gonzalez is going to prepare his specialty salmon grilled outdoors with all of the trimmings. It's not too early to sign up now for what promises to be a charbroiled sensation with great company.

For those of you eagerly anticipating the identification and capture of the rodents who callously sprinkled birdseed throughout the club, grounds and docks of the club, you are in luck. BYC security cameras were able to capture the rodent's mugs, claws and fangs during a bridge photo heist. The photo is currently posted on the website and in the clubhouse. If any of you are familiar with these rats, please contact Club authorities immediately. Tips from Rat Stoppers Anonomouse really do pay off.

Well with only 36 and days left, I think I will halt this towline article and savor the rest of the summer and the warm pleasant weather we have been so fortunate to bask in.

Don Hardgrove
Vice Commodore

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Posted: 16 August 2006 (gk)