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16 October 2006

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Don Hardgrove
Vice Commodore

Photo of Vice Commodore

Thank you to Bob & Jytte Wheeler and to the outstanding committee for a great Oktoberfest celebration. Also thank you to P/C and Fleet Captain Leo Longenecker and Stacy for putting on a great October cruise to Port Orchard.

If you haven't signed up already for the Junior Officer's Ball October 28th 2006, hurry and contact Mark Miller. Rehearsals, Practices, costume design and meetings are all underway. We are also going to be honored with the arrival of the 113th Calvary Regiment a Living History Unit. Check out their website at They are going to be setting up their camp in the park and will be on hand to guard the "BYC Navy Base" so that you Club members can be freed up to enjoy the Command Performance of the Hollywood Road Show and the Glen Miller Orchestra all this for $15.00 per person or $30.00 per couple, so sign up now to save your spot. This is also an opportunity to meet Yachties from the Grand Fourteen and beyond, so come on out. You won't regret it.

New Members Night is November 17 so if you would like to meet our newest members or you are one yourself, join us for a relaxing evening.

With Holidays approaching, be sure and check out the BYC Calendar for all kinds of fun things to do with the club. As always, volunteering to take part is a great way to catch up with friends and have some fun at the same time.

With so much going on with the Club as mentioned eloquently by our illustrious leader, Commodore Morse, in the current Towline [Web site]: Now is really the time to attend meetings at BYC on Mondays. The meetings are twice a month and every effort is being made to streamline the content, focus on issues and get business done. Your ideas are welcome; put your comments out there for others to give feedback on and if you have an idea, some things to consider are: agreement of the group, if there is funding and how you will impact the instrumentation and execution of your plan. With greater participation we can do more and become stronger collectively. If you have input on what can be changed or what you would like added to our meetings, let's hear about it. If you have a suggestion or want to thank someone that has made your experience at the club go more smoothly, we would like to listen to that, too.

If you know of anyone interested in joining or learning more about BYC contact Blain Eliot. Recently while visiting Tacoma Yacht Club I learned about the efforts of TYC members to recruit new blood. Apparently, the public is wined and dined and encouraged to learn more about the club throughout the year. If you have an idea for an open house or ways to attract individuals, families and retired people to our wonderful Bremerton club, please share them with Blain. As Cal McDonald, one of our long time members said, the club needs more young people and I agree. What more can we do to make our club less exclusive and more inclusive. Do you know someone interested in getting involved in boating or that is already a sailor or power boater? Invite them for a tour.

I look forward to working with you on upcoming events, so drop me a line and let's continue to have fun this Fall and Winter.


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Posted: 16 October 2006 (gk)