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19 May 2006

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Don Hardgrove
Vice Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

Greetings to all on this fine Spring Day, May 16, 2006. Thank you to everyone who participated in the April work Party and at the Daffodil Festival in Tacoma. Bob and Jytte Wheeler were our gracious hosts on Carousel for the Parade and represented BYC with their boat adorned with Daffodils. Thank you to P/C Bob Bachman and Gerry for providing a tailgate lunch and to everyone who gathered and worked on making this a fun weekend. The following Weekend we visited QCYC for the last Junior Officerís Ball of the Season. Next was Opening Day Weekend. A Friday afternoon Social gathering was held at Seattle Yacht Club which we enjoyed and then we were passengers on the Water Shuttle! from S YC to QCYC for a memorable barbecue dinner. We enjoyed Carribean style entertainment at both clubs and had a great time. It was really fun to spend time with members from the Yacht Clubs around Puget Sound . Thank you for the warm welcome from both clubs. Congratulations to P.C. Gary Carr for winning the Decorated boat contest with Seadragon. Connsuelo you did a beautiful job on the decorations and winning entry.

Thanks to Captain Bob and Marva McWaid and crew for a delicious Motherís Day Breakfast complete with flowers for the Moms. This was a packed event and afterward we had a leisurely cruise to the Silverdale Dock where we spent the day enjoying one of the Seasonís first warm days with BYC friends.

Coming up at Oro Bay on Anderson Island is the Memorial Day Cruise. Last year was a blast and this year promises to another action packed weekend not to be missed. We plan to begin the 11 hour journey on Thursday and are prepared for some chiding when we get there. But on the bright side, think of all the fuel we are conserving. Remember that old saying life is about the journey not the destination. Are some of you snickering?

Congratulations to everyone who was awarded May 12th at Commodore Billings Awards Ceremony. Also, thank to all of you who have contributed to the Club throughout the Year. There are many who have volunteered many hours of your time to the club beyond what is required for membership and you have benefited many with all of your work within the club, in the Kitchen and around the grounds. Your toil is truly appreciated. Thank you to Charlie for his generosity, flexibility and humor during 2005-2006 - and letís not forget musical talent. Thank you to our Navigator Charlie and his mate Sharon for making the club a better place and making a difference. Working with Vice Commodore Ron Morse has been an honor and p! rivileg e a nd I look forward to 2006-2007 . Thanks too Penny for being there and for your steady support, kind words and good nature.

I am looking forward to working with Mike Dunn, Rear commodore elect and passing the torch. Please extend a warm welcome to Mike and Abbie for commencing on their journey through the chairs.

The first Picnic in the Park is coming up June 21st, this event is being Chaired by new member Capt. John Adair. It is very important that the Club come out and support this new member who has stepped forward unsolicited to Chair this event. A positive experience is essential for new member involvement and must be encouraged.

I am hoping that anyone interested in chairing a social function for 2006-2007 will contact me. Even if you have an idea for a theme or party, please share it and consider being a co-chair person or part of a committee. We have openings for chair persons and if we fill these spots sooner than later, that will give us time to plan and get committee participation to it's fullest.

Getting to know the members of BYC the last two years has been rewarding and I am fortunate to be accompanied by such great friends working and enjoying boating in our area. Whatever our circumstances in life are; retirement, working, homemaking, raising children or going through school or a combination of all of these, we are all members of the club or connected with members of the club. We have BYC in common. Being part of a club and a love for Watercraft is something we share and is greatly enhanced by our support for one another. Being together - doing what we love and being a part of a Club that supports boating, community and family is what matters to me. Thank y! ou all for everything you have done for the Club and for lending a hand when you see a member of your club that needs one. Life is about playing many roles, parent, child, leader, follower, helper, captain, skipper, deck hand, chef and many more. Often times we have more than one role to fill in a day and at a time. Doing so skillfully and with grace is what I have observed at BYC and for that I am grateful to be surrounded with such supportive and responsive individuals that together form a team working toward common goals.

On May 19th 2006 I hope you will join us for the Change of Watch Ceremony at BYC. The Poulsbo Bridge Officerís will be our guests and it should be a terrific evening. The night will start out with appetizers and drinks, then the ceremony followed by Cake and Champagne. Directly afterward you and your families are invited to the Elixir and Club House to celebrate with more food and beverages the Change of Watch and to thank our officers and crew from the past year. I hope as many of you as are able will be there. I am looking forward to seeing you.

Sincerely, Don Hardgrove

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Posted: 19 May 2006 (gk)