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16 June 2006

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Don Hardgrove
Vice Commodore

Photo of Vice Commodore

Greetings to all of you on this windy but partially sunny day.

As a reminder, the cost of storing your Dinghy on the Dinghy Dock is $10.00 per month. If you have a Dinghy there and havn't let the Float Chairman, Dana Cutting know please do so.

You may have heard some grumbling around the club lately related to the new Railway implementations being put in place.

It wasnít that long ago that all a person had to do was tie up along the pilings in front of the club, wait for the tide to run out then, scrape, sand and paint away. You can still see the remains of that happy time covered in barnacles.

Then new regulations came along and the Club installed a state of the art filtering system in order for the Railway to come into compliance.

This system worked well for many years and now even more stringent criteria have been ordered by the government.

These new regulations mean, among other things, that the Environmental, Wastewater and Railway Committees are making a major effort to achieve the required governmental standards. Your full support is needed by following the directions to the letter to ensure that we donít lose this unique and magnificent facility.

Now Iíd like to move on to the social side of things.

My gratitude to all for a great year and I am looking forward to my second year of "going through the chairs" as your v/c. Thank you to everyone who participated at Change of Watch and celebrated on Elixir.

Our first cruise of the Season to Oro Bay*, was even better than anticipated. The rain and chill in the air didnít stop us from having fun and enjoying the weekend. Our Fleet Captains Leo and Stacy did an amazing job of coordinating a terrific weekend and everyone pitched in and made it even more fun. The Anderson Island Fire Department outdid themselves again with a Tropical BBQ complete with bands, games, and libations for everyone. The next morning was complete with a Pancake Breakfast put on by the Anderson Island Fire Department that is not only a fundraiser, but a terrific event where over 60 bicycles were given away by raffle to children in attendence. A few of the bikes now reside at Oro Bay for visiting youngsters, too. With 36 boats and adults and children of all ages we had a variety of activities and a great weekend. ! ;We are looking forward to returning for Labor Day Weekend.

The first Picnic in the Park is June 21st and should be fun to get together as a prequel to the Big Brother Cruise at Eagle Harbor. Some of you have asked why this cruise is termed the Big Brother Cruise and the reason is that Queen City Yacht Club sponsored BYC when it originated, hence the name. This yearís cruise will be at the QCYC outstation at Eagle Harbor in Winslow and should be a great get away. Be prepared for some surprises and plenty of laughs with friends. Itís not too late to sign up (depending when you are reading this!) Fireworks on the Fjord for the 3rd of July should be another blast, so sign up if you can. Duty calls Ė and this Patriot will be in Seattle working, otherwise I would be signed up for this even! t, too .

Want to have fun, take charge of a group, polish up your leadership skills and enjoy some great companionship, commraderie and delicious food? Here is your opportunity: Be a Chairperson and or Committee member of an upcoming event. New ideas and cherished traditions can come together and make for some great times Ė so be a part of it. Donít be shy Ė jump in now; the waterís just fine. No I havnít been swigging special coffee again. I really do want to see more participation, so we can formulate whatís coming up and work on planning events so we can forecast a spectacular 2006-2007 year!

Until next month, stay safe on the water, and enjoy the Season. See you at the club and around the Sound.

Best regards,


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Posted: 16 June 2006 (gk)