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16 December 2005

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Ron Morse
Vice Commodore

Photo of Vice Commodore

As I sit at the computer after helping the Rear Commodore put the Santa requests in order for the Lighted Boats Parade, I wonder what happened to 2005! It seems like only yesterday that I was working on the 2004 Parade. The Special People’s Cruise was again great success. Many thanks to P/C Mark Miller and his crew for coordinating the efforts of our members and sponsors in making this event happen. It was obvious that everyone had a wonderful time!

A refill for thirsty Santa
From all the comments I received, the Christmas Dinner was another resounding success. The food was superb, the entertainment by the “Independents ” touched the hearts of many, and Santa appeared to have even a better time! It must have been that special blend of coffee he was drinking!

The preparation for the Lighted Boats Parades appears to be going well with requests for Santa still coming in. My thanks to all who are participating as this event is a gala occasion for the people of Bremerton who look forward to this each year.

The New Year’s Eve Party on the 31st is chaired by new member CAPT Mike Ryan and his wife Mona-Lisa. Dancing will be to “Silverport Sound” with lots of heavy hors d’oeuvres and a champagne toast with good friends at midnight. All this for $35 a couple! What a Great Deal!

January brings up the Taco Feed on the 13th chaired by CAPT Jim Markham and the Sunday Breakfast on the 15th chaired by CAPT Bob and Marva McWaid. Be sure to check the flyers and signup sheets for further details. New members should contact these chairmen and volunteer to help as it is a great opportunity learn the inner workings of these events, meet new people, and start building points.

Be sure to set aside Sunday the 5th of February for the Annual Crab Feed. As this is always popular event, be sure to signup early to insure a seat. As this will be CAPT Randy and Marcia Trott’s last time to host this event, we are looking for someone to work with them to prepare for next year. Another great opportunity for newer members!

Although there is no Super Bowl Party scheduled this year because so many BYC and Grand XIV commitments, if someone would step forward to chair an impromptu committee, I am sure we could work out something. We have a new digital projector that could be setup for a “Big Screen” view. At this time, it certainly looks like the Seahawks could be involved!

Finally, Heavy Weather Weekend is rapidly approaching. This year it becomes a four day event and is a BYC all hands event. Its success demands upon a commitment from all members not just a few! Please watch for upcoming announcements and requests from committee chairmen and get involved.

In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank CAPT Gunter Krumme for his untiring efforts on the BYC website and efforts as Publicity Chairman. We tend to take these positions for granted when in fact they require much time and effort and are often not properly recognized! Just think of the positive results that BYC received because of the news coverage for the Special People’s Cruise and the Lighted Boats Parades! The next time you see him take a minute to say “Thanks” or better still, ask how you can help!

Penny and I wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2006!


Ronald Morse
Vice Commodore

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Posted: 16 Decembery 2005 (gk)