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16 July 2006

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Don Hardgrove
Vice Commodore

Photo of Vice Commodore

With summer in full swing, the time seems right to reminisce about the fun we have had so far this year and anticpate other Summer activities at BYC and on the water of Puget Sound.

John and Marilyn Adair hosted a fabulous Picnic on 21 June 2006, complete with plenty of great food and surprises for the kids. A few days later we traveled to Winslow for the Big Brother Cruise with QCYC at their outstation. The weather could not have been nicer and everyone enjoyed visits to town to stop into the restaurants and shops and good company preparing and enjoying meals and games together. Thank you to Leo and Stacy, our fantastic fleet captains for coordinating a super weekend. Also, thank you to all who were there to make this a fun get away. The Fireworks on the Fjord were spectacular and 8 boats rafted together to enjoy the dinghy parade, PYC parade, and fireworks followed by a 4th of July Picnic in the Park back at BYC.

A few days from Web publication of this article the July 19th Picnic in the Park will be hosted by Captain Mike Ryan and his mate Lisa. John and Marilyn Adair have volunteered again to host the August 16th Picnic in the Park and it should be just as great as last time. Spending a relaxing evening outdoors with friends is a mid-week treat and with shade from the trees, also cool on a hot summer night. So many of us have so much scheduled during the year, therefore, making the extra effort to volunteer is definitely appreciated. It isnít always convenient to break up the routine and do something extra, but usually worthwhile. I am amazed at how busy people are finding the time to pitch in and pull of! f event s with the appearance of ease, when in reality a lot of time, thought, planning and effort are behind your smiles.

I am looking forward to Labor day at Oro Bay. P/C Longnecker, Stacy and crew are going to transform the outstation into an exciting Carnival atmosphere, so get ready for the Barkers and the Colored Balloonís. The Island Parade is also during this weekend and for full program details, check out the bulletin board or BYC Website.

Youth Sailing is again a big success. Mike Knight and crew have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into this worthwhile program. BYC youth Sailors made the front page of the Seattle PI on Thursday July 13, 2006. With increased publicity around the community, the program is becoming more well known. Kudos to all for your participation. Thanks to new member Dr Brian Nyquist for your participation. Donations of any amount keep this program alive and thriving. If you are searching for a way to make a difference but havnít the time to volunteer, consider giving to Youth Sailing at BYC so more kids can have the opportunity to learn and grow.

Be sure and check out to see the incredible job our Webteam has done including links and incorporating articles.

The first weekend in August, BYC will be hosting the Bridge Officers of the Grand XIV Yacht Clubs. If you will be away for the weekend, please let the RC and/or the Float Chairman CAPT Dana Cutting know if your slip can be used for our guests. We expect approximately 35 boats so any available slips would be most appreciated. About 10 or 11 boats are expected on Friday August 4th with the remainder arriving August 5th. The visiting boats and crew will be departing August 6th.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the BYC community. Feedback and input about the club is welcome. Tradition coupled with new ideas has made attending and participating in club activities better than ever. As we continue to grow, I am honored to be a part of our great team. Have a terrific summer and see you around the sound.

Don Hardgrove v/c

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Posted: 16 July 2006 (gk)