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12 March 2006

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Ron Morse
Vice Commodore

Photo of Vice Commodore

It appears that the decision to make our Heavy Weather Weekend a four day event was a good one! What a fun time! Many thanks to all who helped make the weekend so successful. It certainly involved a huge number of Club members but spreading the time over an extra day gave everyone a chance to participate and have a good time as well.

The March Breakfast sponsored by the Skipperettes was a true "Pot of Gold" event. With some encouragement maybe they will do it again next year!

Coming up is the dinner meeting on March 20th where the Seattle Yacht Club Admiral, Vice Admiral and Admiralette will give a presentation on this year's Opening Day theme. The dinner is chaired by CAPT Mike and Mona-Lisa Ryan with CAPT Al Gonzales preparing his famous corned beef and cabbage dinner. This should be a great evening event.

Further down the line we have the Tacoma Yacht Daffodil Festival weekend April 22 -23. Be watching for the signup sheet in the lounge and support Tacoma YC like they did for us at Heavy Weather.

Speaking of signup sheets, our event chair persons are more and more finding it difficult to get a handle on the number of people who will attend. With the cost of food becoming significant, we not only need to get a more accurate count on the number of attendees but also get it in a timely manner for planning purposes. It is really embarrassing to turn people away, especially if they are guests, and a real waste of resources if we over plan. Please signup and do it early and not the day before. There is a form that can be completed on the BYC website* or you can call our Facility Manager, Jim Busse. It is not necessary to signup in person.

We are also rapidly approaching the first general meeting in April where the BYC officers for next year will be nominated. As of this date, we have members interested in all positions except Rear Commodore. As this is a most important position with a multi year commitment, I am asking for help from all the membership to fill this position. Yes, it has been difficult and time consuming but the rewards and friendships developed have been worth every minute!! Anyone interested, please contact P/C Gary Carr or any of the bridge officers for more information.

Additionally, I will need Chairmen for Floats, Railway, Waste Water, and Work Party. Again, anyone interested, please let me know.


Ronald Morse
Vice Commodore

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Posted: 12 March 2006 (gk)