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15 September 2006

Mike Dunn
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

Just when I was beginning to think it would never rain again, I actually heard the sound of rain outside my window last night. The cool temperatures and the patter of rain drops make for much better sleeping than those hot summer nights. Best news of all is that getting out and about with friendly folks (BYC Members - you bet they're friendly) keeps right on happening. Just filling out my day-timer was a real eye opener.

September put the "ribbon" on a great summer. It started out with the Labor Day Cruise to Oro Bay*. Those of you that did not make it missed one really great weekend as our Fleet Captain, P/C Leo Longnecker (whose special talents at hosting were beautifully complemented by Stacie) left no stone unturned in wining, dining, and entertaining a totally full house. Well Done Leo and Crew! The following Sunday found almost 200 Members and guests being hosted by Chef Al Gonzalez, First Mate Joanne, and a hand picked committee of Salmon Bake veterans. Together they served up a gourmet dinner of Alaska's best King Salmon, fresh (picked that morning) corn on the cob, garlic bread, and Joanne's special cole slaw. The month gets rounded out with the first General Meeting of the Season.

October has another gourmet event on October 6th, when our Bavarian ex-Pat, P/C Bob Wheeler, and First Mate Jytte (pronounced Judy by us non-Danish folks) join forces to lead another of those hand-picked committees in treating us to our very own BYC version of a real European Style October Fest. When you see them don their Liederhosen and combine Bavarian Brats and beer with Jytte's homemade Danish desserts, you are in for a mouth watering treat. But the Cruising is not over yet as we still have two cruising opportunities happening in October. Round up your Land Yachts (or what have you's) for Uncle Bud's non-official weekend of camping at Hartstein Island October 5th through 8th. Abbie and I are planning to park the trailer at Hartstein and drive back to BYC for Friday's October Fest. Then, back to the Water Yachts on the 13th to 15th for the official October Fest Cruise to the Port Orchard Marina. Anyone want to take bets on whether Fleet Captain, P/C Leo Longnecker, will be wearing Liederhosen? The 27th through the 29th is highlighted by BYC hosting the Grand XIV Junior Officer's Ball. Please give me a call if your moorage will be available for a visiting Grand XIV Officer's boat.

On a more serious subject, please remember that BYC is NOT part of the County Dump. No appliances of ANY type are to be left for disposal at the Club. Electrical and/or insulated appliances contain Hazardous Materials, and there is a fee for disposal. Appliances must be personally transported by the individual Members to the proper disposal site, and you must pay the Hazmat Fee as well. Please do not impose the burden of disposal on your fellow Club Members. Also, we are moving forward on plans to revise and improve the Park area. This is a time for you provide to input on the future development of the Park area (ie: trees or not), so plan to attend the October General Meetings and have your voices heard. Also, the contract has been signed, so watch for notices to be posted regarding the actual dates for closing the South portion of the parking lot for septic tank work. Following the septic project, we will be re-sealing and re-striping the parking lot, so leaving your vehicles in Park area during that work is recommended, and would be highly appreciated by Bob McWaid, our hard working House and Grounds Chairman.

Your Humble Servant,
Mike Dunn

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Posted: 15 September 2006 (gk)