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16 October 2006

Mike Dunn
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

What a great summer we have had, and now the Fall season is still making for good Cruising weather as well. The October-Fest Cruise-In to Port Orchard was a great time for all who were able to make it. It was also a good opportunity to see if, and where, your boat leaks. Fleet Captain PC/ Leo Longenecker, First Mate Stacie, and able assistants John and Denise Rosendale, served up nice hot breakfasts both Saturday and Sunday morning. In addition, they grilled up some brats on Saturday evening and everyone at the Cruise-In brought yummy Pot Luck dishes. The resulting October Fest "dinner on the dock" would have pleased even the most discriminating Bavarian visitor. We also got a chance to get acquainted and spend a weekend with newly Obligated (October 16th General Meeting) Member Captain Kevin McStay (Great pumpkin soup), First Mate Laurie, and daughters in their newly acquired Bayliner 32/88. With our talented Fleet Captain, if you SNOOZE, you LOSE. But, there are more Cruises to come, so you can still win some, and you won't have to lose.

We finally broke ground in the South parking lot for the Septic system. Unfortunately, we also broke a few other things, like power and phone service to the Railway and Shop. This provided an unplanned educational opportunity for the Bridge, and many helpful members, to learn where some of the NUMEROUS unmarked wires, cables and pipes wander in a haphazard manner under our parking lot. But some of the mystery will now change, as we will soon have six manhole covers (count them) clearly showing the way the new septic system runs. Now, that is a definite improvement in marking stuff.

One critical reminder to our Members is in order. The October inspection of the Club by the DOE, to check for potential pollution of the Sound, found a cause for the DOE to have GREAT CONCERN. Some of our members have failed to fulfill their duty to properly dispose of old boat batteries, and deposited them adjacent to the Waste Oil Recycle area. This allows rainwater onto the batteries, which then becomes CONTAMINATED RUNOFF into the Sound. Such a violation, if repeated, can offset all of our other successful efforts to avoid pollution. The DOE could use such an issue to cause the total elimination of our Marine Railway program. Thanks to Captain Cliff Lillybridge, all of the hazardous material left by Members has been hauled away. Treat any battery, electric appliance, foam, or other hazardous material dumping on Club property the same way as an OIL SPILL. Stop it from happening, or else REPORT IT. Let us hope we do not have to resort to security cameras to prevent dumping by Members.

House and Grounds Chairman Captain McWaid, fresh from a successful replacement of the accordion door in the lounge, will soon be working on the paved parking lots. He and some volunteers (please contact Bob to help out and earn work party time) will power sweep, then apply a seal coat, and finish up by re-striping the parking spaces. Please observe the signs and tape, and avoid parking where the work will be done. Power sweepers and sealing tars are NOT GOOD for the exterior of your vehicle.

If you missed the Work Party event on 21 and 22 October, do not despair. You will have more opportunities on 10-11 February, 28-29 April, and 19-20 May. But please plan ahead, because getting a bill for up to 16 hours at $40 per hour can be downright disturbing.

Hope to see many of you at the BYC New Members night 17 November, followed by the Sunday Morning BYC Breakfast on 19 November. Also, please join with us to enjoy the Annual BYC Tree Trimming Party on Friday December 1st. We have some great holiday drinks provided for the whole family (BYOB). Bring along your favorite heavy hors d'oeu'vres for Pot Luck snacking, and we can all enjoy an evening of Holiday fun and festivities. So mark your calendars, and do drop by.

May you and your family enjoy a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Your Humble Servant,

Mike Dunn

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Posted: 17 October 2006 (gk)