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Reports from the Bridge

16 February 2006

Don Hardgrove
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

We might be calling the Heavy Weather Race the Beautiful Weather race if we get another week of Sunshine. The race is just a couple of days away for those of you that read this towline article online and probably history if you are reading this in the mail. It is going to be a fun filled weekend, that will be kicked off with another now famous Wine Tasting party Friday February 17th put on by Captain Andy Kupp, first mate Nancy and crew. Take some time to visit and see what else is in store for the weekend. If you know anyone in the community interested in observing the Heavy Weather Race on Sunday February 19th we have room for a few more people to join us and we welcome the support. If you have friends from other Yacht Clubs that might like to participate in the Weekend activities, give them a call or reminder that we would enjoy their company. Heavy Weather Shirts are available in the club store.

In January we traveled to Bainbridge Island for the Grand XIV Cruise hosted by our Big Brother Yacht Club, Queen City. Crabs, Turtles and Navigators congregated for a fun and lighthearted roast of our Grand XIV Commodores, complete with video imaging, old pictures and music. Charlie Billings now has a song dedicated in his honor and hopefully you can all hear its debut at a BYC function in the near future. Also, during January we visited the Meydenbauer Bay Yacht Club for a Junior Officer’s Ball. This year's’ theme was a night in Casa Blanca with a formal “black and white affair. The Club Cruise to Poulsbo, I am told was a success and those in attendance enjoyed the treasure hunt and festivities. Thanks to P/C Bob and first mate Gerri Bachman and your team for all of your planning and hard work.

Skipper’s night was a lot of fun and great to visit and catch up. Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make a great dinner and presentation. It was fun to see new members there, too. Everyone I talked to wants the recipe for the sauce for the pork roast – Thanks Pam and to all of the Skipperettes for a great evening.

As February approached, the Crab Feed at BYC was much anticipated and was a perfect way to spend the day. Randy and Marcia Trott coordinated a Crab Feed to remember. We will miss them and wish them the very best as they pursue new things – hopefully, we won’t be seeing the last of them yet. Thanks to Bret and Lynetta Halffman for stepping up to chair this event for next year.

The Weekend February 11 and 12th work parties under the stewardship of Capt. Mike Whitaker wrapped up and much gratitude goes out to all who came out. Thank you to the Skipperettes for delicious lunches and snacks. There was no shortage of sweet treats and baked goods and the variety was not to be missed. Most of us took the opportunity to sample at least one or more.

At last Monday’s E-Committee meeting the subject of the wood stack on the east side of the park came up. I have been instructed to save eight or so Whalers out of the pile and put the rest of the pile up for bid.

I will be posting an online bid form, shortly.

As we exit the door of our home/boat and embark on the Northwest wind and weather, reflecting that we cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails, as Pope Alexander once said, I am reassured to know that as many days as it rains or the wind blows, we can add another layer to fight the chill and we can change our course when the wind isn’t favorable. Heavy Weather is coming and being together with friends to enjoy our surroundings is right around the corner. See you there!

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Posted: 16 February 2006 (gk)