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Reports from the Bridge

20 May 2006

Mike Dunn
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

It is hard to believe that I am sitting down and about to write the first of many monthly Rear Commodore comments for publication (on the Website and [ed.]) in the Towline since the Membership of Bremerton Yacht Club actually elected me to become a Bridge Officer. I was not aware of the official outcome until I returned from our Cruise on the 7th of May. Thank you one and all for your confidence, your support, and the many congratulatory comments. Abbie and I are looking forward to this new and exciting chapter in our lives, with a mixture of both excitement and trepidation. We thoroughly enjoyed hosting those of you who visited Liberty USA following the installation to share drinks and snacks. It is amazing to us that we actually had 17 of us aboard that small Tollycraft at the same time. It kept us all real close, and that is a great way to spend an evening with friends.

Facing such a task as Rear Commodore would be challenging in some organizations, but with the help and backing of so many talented and helpful Members of BYC, I hope to be able to meet your expectations and continue to assist the Club to move forward in the great traditions of so many who have gone before me. Our Club is truly one to be envied in the Puget Sound.

In keeping with the primary duties of the RC, I look forward to continuing with the improvements to the Club’s House and Grounds. The Planning Committee has done some great work in defining the future directions for the Club, and there are many improvements included in those plans. I was truly overwhelmed to be the first recipient of the GOLD KEY to the Pooper Scooper Box. Also, our new Skipperettes President, Gerri Bachman has offered to provide Club owned soda and snack vending machines to the BYC. VC Hardgrove and I are charged with breaking out a shoehorn and finding the right place to install them.

I am excited about starting some of the planned changes, and plan to start with the Park and Picnic areas. Please contact me with ideas and suggestions you have and, in the best tradition of the Club, step forward and offer your support and talents in transforming the Park area into a truly spectacular area for all of us to enjoy. The May 20th and 21st Work Party will be setting out the benches and spiffing the park up for the season. Check it our and watch the returning Ladies Day Log Racers from the shade of the Park.

I hope to see many of you at Memorial Day Cruise to Oro Bay. Abbie and I will not be arriving until Saturday, because of a week of FEMA Training I committed to early in the year. Hopefully, there will still be enough room for us at this fully booked “First Cruise of the Season”. If you see us anchored way out in the Bay, please send a fast dingy to rescue us. Next, lets have an great turnout at the June 21st Picnic in the Park where we can share a beer and plan some great enhancements to the park and lend our support to the Picnic Chairman and the Committee.

Humbly, Mike Dunn

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Posted: 21 May 2006 (gk)