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15 August 2006

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Ron Morse

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Penny and I hope you have been having a wonderful summer cruising and enjoying the wonders of Puget Sound. As we have been somewhat curtailed, we are very envious and hope to make up for it next year.

The negotiations for the Port Gamble outstation remain ongoing and we hope to have a report at the first general Meeting in September.

Since the last Towline, we pulled one of the worst pilings identified in last year's diving survey. After a "CT scan" with a chainsaw, we found the piling to be in outstanding condition and made the decision, along with the concurrence of the piling contractor, not to replace the others so identified. Although we went through the long process of an underwater survey, obtained the necessary permits, and waited through the closed season, we made the right decision. The Club can now document the steps we took to handle a potentially serious problem. I wish to thank CAPT Horne and CAPT Sherwood and all the members who worked to bring this project to completion. It really took a lot of effort and constant follow-up!

The septic system repairs were delayed because of the August Cruise-In but should be in full swing by the time this reaches you. There will be some areas of the parking lot torn up between the Clubhouse and the Railway and south of the Shop. Please be patient and try to stay clear to allow this needed project to proceed in a rapid manner. This should address our concerns and allow the Club to operate smoothly for many years to come. Following will be the resurfacing of the parking lot.

Looking near term will be repairs to the Fire Main to get it up and running and hopefully fixed! In October the Railway catwalks and supports will be replaced, and then the process begins to manage the environmental issues. The E-Committee has authorized the hiring of a consultant for the design of a railway cover, extension of the rails, movement of the waste water trough above the highest tide line with the addition of a dam, and redesign of the waste water treatment system. This should meet all of the DOE requirements for the foreseeable future and provide a premier yacht maintenance facility.

In closing, I hope to see you in Oro Bay over the Labor Day Weekend*. It promises to be a huge event with over 40 boats signed up. Remember the Annual Salmon Bake on Sunday, September 10th and the first General Meeting on Monday, September 18th.

Ronald Morse

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Posted: 15 August 2006 (gk)