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15 October 2006

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Ron Morse

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This month my remarks are to address the state of the Club projects planned for this year and preface it by saying we are doing very well! We have put to bed the piling issue and by the time you receive this issue, the septic system will be upgraded and finished. The railway upgrades are well underway with the old walkways and gates removed and the new replacements under fabrication. The railcar wheels will be removed and receive new bushings or replaced and new keel blocks installed. After a visit from DOE, we now have assured them that we have a closed loop system and with minor changes to our haul out procedures, we will be able to meet their requirements and continue to use this valuable Club asset. The railway cover project will be an important part of this evolution and is still in the design stages. The fire mains are finally fixed and have remained on line for over a month with no leaks! Replacement of the “B” and “C” string lines and fire hoses remains to be accomplished. The folding door between the lounge and hall has been replaced with one that has some soundproofing. The Club owes a special thanks to CAPT’s Horne, Brett, Loudin, Spearman, Markham, McWaid, Leedy and all their crews for their efforts in getting so much accomplished.

Projects yet to be done are the resurfacing of the parking lot followed by restriping, redecorating the women’s heads, and complete repairs to the potable water system on the floats. In addition are the regular maintenance tasks to be completed during the four scheduled work parties. Remember, the work party requirement this year is 16 hours. Our Work Party Chairmen, CAPT’s Fox and Sengstock are particularly looking for members with plumbing, electrical and mechanical skills.

On the down side, I need to inform the membership that the way we have been handling waste and trash, ie. oils, antifreeze, mixed fluids, batteries, old refrigerators and other appliances, propane bottles and gas cans has to change immediately. Waste fluids must be emptied into the proper barrels and not left in containers on the floor. Old batteries must be removed from the Club immediately after replacement and not left on the ground in front of the waste oil storage. If you replace an appliance, it is up to the member to remove the old one from the premises. This applies to propane bottles and gas cans as well. DOE was very upset with what was there and will be sending a written report of the infractions found. This will be cleaned up immediately at some expense to the Club but we need your help in keeping it that way. We do not need to be in violation of any state or federal regulation because of a few members’ carelessness! I hope this does not need to be addressed again.

Many thanks to P/C Wheeler and Jytte for another great Oktoberfest! It just keeps getting better and better. Remember to support the Club at the upcoming Junior Officers’ Ball honoring our J.O.’s with those of the other Grand XIV Yacht Clubs. P/C Miller and V/C Hardgrove have planned a spectacular and fun filled event which will be long remembered!

Ronald Morse

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Posted: 15 October 2006 (gk)