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15 April 2006

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Charles Billings

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As I sit down to write my last column as your Commodore, it is hard to believe that it has been just a few weeks short of three years since I started this "journey through the chairs". It has been a challenging, rewarding, sometimes frustrating, but believe it or not, a really fun filled journey.* For those of you who have thought about stepping up to embark on this journey, but have had some second thoughts, or perhaps a spouse that is hesitant, "JUST DO IT! Your club will appreciate your efforts and will not let you fail. The support you will receive from our BYC family, as well as those in other Grand XIV clubs is truly wonderful. The friendships you will accumulate from your Grand XIV counterparts will be life-long.

It would be an impossible task to individually thank everyone who has helped me during the past three years. If I were to try to name each of you, I'm sure I'd leave at least one person off the list. Suffice it to say that without the support of the Bridge Officers who preceded me, the current Bridge Officers, Flag Officers, the Executive Committee members, you - the members of our BYC family, and most especially, my bride of 44 years, I couldn't have made it through the chairs. Thank you!

As you no doubt know, the final call for nominations for next year's slate of officers and E-committee members will be at the General Meeting on May 1st, with elections to be held immediately following the last call. It is an important meeting and I hope to see the ball room filled to capacity as you exercise your voting rights and select those who will lead the club next year.

Vice Commodore Ron Morse is still in need of some important committee chairs next year and could use your support. Give him that support by volunteering to be a part of "his team".

Our annual "Awards Night" is Friday, May 12th; an evening when we have the opportunity to recognize specific BYC members for their accomplishments over the past year. It promises to be a fun filled evening with a few surprises, so I hope to see you all there.

On a final note - as the weather starts to get more pleasant, and we begin planning for summer cruising, take the time to check all of the systems of your vessel. Check your ground tackle; safety equipment; exhaust, cooling, and hydraulic systems for leaks; bilge pumps to ensure that they pump water (not just make noise); and the many other things that we sometimes take for granted. If an emergency situation were to come up, you'll be thankful that you took the time.

If you're heading north to the islands, Desolation Sound, or beyond, have a safe and enjoyable cruise. If you're sticking closer to our home waters, take advantage of the events being planned both at the club and at our wonderful outstation in Oro Bay. Be safe, and have fun over the summer.

See you on the water or 'round the club,
Charles Billings

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Posted: 15 April 2006 (gk)