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16 June 2006

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Ron Morse

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I would like to start my comments for this issue of the Towline by stating that Bremerton Yacht Club owes a huge debt of thanks to Ex-Commodore Charlie and Sharon Billings for their leadership and service during the past three years. What a superb act to follow! I wish them well as they soon depart for some well deserved cruising and rest.

The Commodore’s Ball on June 3rd was a huge success thanks to P/C Rod and Angela Perryman and their crew and with all of the Commodores of the Grand XIV yacht clubs in attendance, it was a real tribute to Charlie and Sharon!

Members of the Railway, Waste Water and Environmental Committees have met and are actively trying to put together a process whereby we can continue to use our haulout facilities and be in compliance with the newly mandated regulations. This is proving to not be an easy process as there are so many factors involved. I ask that everyone be patient as we work through this and not take out your frustrations on the committee members because if we do not comply, we will lose the right to use this great asset! The old way of doing it will no longer work and we have to change! Please watch for procedure changes on the bulletin board in the lounge, winch house and website and if you have any questions, please contact a committee member for help.

Starting this fall, Ex-Commodore Billings will be chairing a committee to address spousal membership. This will be a huge change for Bremerton Yacht Club with many issues to be addressed. Other yacht clubs and organizations have done this and have become better and stronger as a result. I ask that the membership look at this with an open mind and an opportunity for us to grow. Those wishing to be a part this committee, please contact Ex-Commodore Billings in September.

P/C Burwell along with P/C Rumbold and Captains Davis and Danielsen have been meeting with Pope Industries in Port Gamble* with the idea of developing a northern outstation. Although only in the beginning stages, some real possibilities exist to make this happen. Port Gamble is only 1.5 nautical miles farther than Oro Bay, requires no ferry, has exciting weekend events within walking distance of the moorage, and would be a jumping off point for the Hood Canal and the San Juans! Watch for more information as the talks continue.

In closing, I ask that members please look around as you walk the docks and grounds. If you see trash, pick it up. If you see something in need of repair, report it to our Facility Manager, Caretaker, or appropriate committee chairman. We are a volunteer organization that takes pride in what we have!

Have a great summer on the water!

Ronald Morse

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Posted: 16 June 2006 (gk)