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16 December 2005

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Charles Billings

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The BYC By-Laws state that regular business meetings shall be held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 7:30 PM unless Monday is a holiday, in which case the meeting will not be held. The first Monday of January is a holiday, the third Monday of January is a holiday; however, BYC will have a General Meeting in January. The By-Laws also state that Special Meetings may be called by proclamation of the Commodore and notification of all members by mail. Since all of you will receive this issue of the Towline by mail, this is it.

By proclamation, I now notify all BYC members that the first General Meeting of 2006 will be held on Monday, January 16th, at 7:30 PM.

Annual railway sign-ups will take place at the January 16th General Meeting. Railway sign-up priority will be determined by Service Points. It is up to each member to ensure that his/her service point totals are up to date. The Float Committee has asked that all slips be turned in no later than January 9th to ensure timely processing so the “points listing sheet” will reflect accurate numbers.

Heavy Weather is coming up on Presidents Day Weekend in February, and I know it will be covered elsewhere in this issue, but I want to emphasize the importance of this event. Not only has it historically been “the largest predicted log race in the world”, but it is the premier event at Bremerton Yacht Club. This year it has been expanded from 3 days to 4 days. It is extremely important to the health and future of this event that it be successful this year. It is a unique opportunity for members to amass large quantities of Service Points by being heavily involved. There are many committees in addition to “fire watches” throughout the weekend. For new members, it is a golden opportunity to get involved and meet other members. For long time members, it is likewise a great opportunity to meet new members and share your insights and knowledge of BYC with them. You don’t have to be a log racer to get involved with Heavy Weather…..after all, in the words of “Social Man”, “LOG RACING IS A SOCIAL EVENT”, and Heavy Weather is the peak of log racing so it stands to reason it is also the pinnacle of social events at BYC. Come on out and get involved! You’ll have a great time.

By all accounts the Christmas Dinner was a great success. Our members have obviously been extremely good this past year, as Santa was loaded with presents (and put on a good show of being loaded in other respects). Funny thing though, I don’t recall ever seeing burgundy colored coffee. Thanks to all of you who helped with the dinner. It was a huge undertaking and successful as a result of the teamwork and dedication of the entire committee. A special thanks to Capt. Al and First Mate Joanne Gonzalez who stepped up to be “Galley Boss”. They were a key part in the dinner’s success.

For those of you going to the Seattle Boat Show in January, don’t forget to visit the “Commodore’s Club” on the Club level of the stadium. It’s a new feature at the show - a place that will feature improved food service, beer and wine as well as a coat and baggage check area. Just show your BYC membership card to gain admittance on the Club Level once you are in the show.

Sharon and I wish you health and prosperity in the coming New Year. Hope to see you at the New Year’s Eve party at the club.

See you ‘round the club,
Charles Billings

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Posted: 16 December 2005 (gk)