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10 November 2006

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Ron Morse

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As we approach what seems to be the busiest time of the year for Bremerton Yacht Club, I marvel at what the membership has accomplished in the past six months. We have completed another successful Youth Sailing Program and added some new boats, the marina piling issue has been put to rest, the Club septic system has been upgraded and approved by Kitsap County, and the railway car has been refurbished with new gates and walkways and the wheels, axels and bearings cleaned, inspected and lubricated. Progress continues on the design for the new railway cover and will shortly come to the membership for discussion and approval. The marina fire main system has been repaired, tested and certified. All that remains to be done is replace the fire hoses and do some training. We have worked with DOE and now have a plan that will comply with the current requirements for the management of waste water, oils, solvents, and antifreeze. The lease has been renewed for our Oro Bay Outstation and is now good for twelve years. Upcoming will be the refurbishment of the womenís bathrooms and the conversion of the north menís head to a unisex/handicapped bathroom. The committee chaired by P/C Billings looking at spousal membership is well underway and I encourage any member and/or spouse to attend the meetings.

I thank the members for their prompt response to the Fire Prevention Checklist. It was an excellent opportunity for self appraisal and correction of deficiencies. It is interesting to note that the most likely source of boat fires is 12 Volt DC. These are faults of missing or chafed insulation from improper support, insecure attachment or installation and lack of preventive maintenance. AC shore power cords and connections are the next prime cause from wear, corrosion and overloaded circuits. Interestingly, corroded and overheated exhaust manifolds and fuel leaks bring up the bottom of the list.

Included on this Web site are all of the BYC Holiday events. As you can see they almost all take place within a three week period because the tides did not cooperate for the usual Lighted Boats Parade weekend. I encourage everyone to be involved and support as many as possible. Our committees have worked long and hard to put these events together.

Penny and I wish all of the BYC family a most happy and healthy Holiday Season. Please remember those less fortunate and donate when and how you are able and please also remember the members of our armed forces and keep them in your prayers, particularly those in harmís way.

Ronald Morse

Selected 2006 BYC Events

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Posted: 15 November 2006 (gk)
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