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14 July 2006

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Ron Morse

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As I sit to write this article, I find it hard to believe that we are already midway through July. Maybe it is because I am “working” on the boat and not “using” it!

Negotiations for a northern outstation at Port Gamble* remain ongoing. P/C Burwell, P/C Rumbold, and Captain Danielsen are having almost weekly meetings with Olympic Properties and the possibility remains hopeful but probably not for this year. We are also exploring the possibility of sharing the space with Queen City Yacht Club. We will keep the membership informed as negotiations progress.

The Youth Sailing program is in full swing with some really motivated kids. It is really fun to watch. Many thanks to Captain Mike Knight and his staff for putting together a great program. We were able to purchase another Laser through donations to the Youth Sailing Fund so we now have four. Thanks to Captain Jack Stansberry, we can now broaden the sailing experience of the students through the use of his Ranger sloop.

In the next few weeks, we will start to see work on the septic system upgrade and when finished, the elimination of the potholes in the parking lot. Concurrently, three of the bad piling in the marina will be pulled and replaced. After the old ones are sectioned, we should have a better idea on how to proceed with the others that have been identified as defective. We are looking at outside bids to repair the fire mains to the floats as well as ideas on future needs. We are currently awaiting the results of pressure tests to the system. As a heads up, in October the plan is to shut down the railway for a couple of weeks to install new catwalks and support gates as well as replace the cable and paint the entire car.

The Railway* and Waste Water* Committees continue to work on the procedures to be followed during haul outs. Again I ask for your patience as we work through this process so we can meet the new standards and continue use of the railway. Many marinas with railways are in serious trouble and may have to close so please help us retain this valuable asset!

At the July E-Committee Meeting we obligated four new members, so if you see new faces around the Club, take a minute to say hello and introduce yourself. Remember how it was when you came aboard!

Enjoy the rest of the Summer!

Ronald Morse

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Posted: 14 July 2006 (gk)