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15 March 2006

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Charles Billings

Photo of Commodore

It’s that time of year when we focus on the election process and the formulation of next year’s budget. These are two of the most important responsibilities in our club and deserve the attention of all of our members.

The first meeting in April begins with the recommendations of the Nominating Committee, chaired by P/C Gary Carr, for the office of Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer, and two positions on the Executive Committee. The meeting will then be opened for additional nominations from the floor. These are the members who will lead and manage our club through the 2006-2007 year. All of these positions require time and dedication, but I can say from personal experience that they are rewarding and well worth the effort. If you feel that you are up to the task and care about the well being of our club, step up and talk with the Nominating Committee or a bridge officer about volunteering to help Bremerton Yacht Club continue to be such an outstanding club. If you want to help, but are not quite ready to step up to the positions mentioned above, volunteer to chair one of the many committees that keep the club running. V/C Morse is looking for members to fill important positions on his team for next year. He would love to hear from interested members who will volunteer, “for the good of the club”.

The Planning Committee has been hard at work for the past several months organizing, prioritizing, and looking ahead to the needs of the club in the immediate future, as well as where we hope to be in the years to come. This requires a hard look at what needs to be done to maintain what we currently have, what we’d like to do in the future, and how much it is going to cost. It is then the task of the Budget Committee to review these recommendations and come up with a budget that is fiscally responsible. The budget will then be presented to the Executive Committee for their review and concurrence before it is presented to the general membership for approval. Each of us as members should be concerned that our money is budgeted and spent wisely; therefore, attendance at the next few meetings is highly encouraged and your participation in the review of the budget is most welcomed. Get involved and learn what’s going on in our club.

We have several big events coming up in the near future that involve fun, as opposed to the serious business of the club mentioned above. Daffodil Festival at Tacoma Yacht Club on April 21-23, Opening Day at QCYC/SYC on May 5-7, and BYC Awards Night on May 12th. I hope to see you at all three of these events. Watch for the flyers and sign up in the club house, on the web site, or call our Facilities Manager, Jim Busse, and ask him to add your name to the list to attend.

See you ‘round the club,
Charles Billings

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Posted: 15 March 2006 (gk)