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9 August 2005

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Ron Morse
Vice Commodore

Photo of Vice Commodore

As I sit down to prepare remarks for September, Penny and I are packing the land yacht for a trip to Montana for a family gathering on the Hungry Horse Reservoir near the west entrance to Glacier National Park. The last outing there two years ago ended in one day because of wildfires. We are hoping for better luck and get a week this time.

Can you believe the summer we are having? This is truly why we live in the Northwest! The rainy overcast days of winter suddenly do not seem so bad. I hope you have been able to get out on the water and enjoy it. I took the opportunity to totally rewire the boat and overhaul all the systems and when finished, refloat the boathouse. It is really comforting to know that everything is in great condition again. However, I understand we have just received word that the Kitsap County Tax Assessor is coming on 12 August to appraise all the boathouses. As they say, "Timing is everything!"

The July Picnic in the Park was hosted by CAPT Terry Ellingston and his wife Elaine. Many thanks for your efforts. Next up was the Annual Grand XIV Officer's Cruise-In over the August 5-7 weekend. Again it was another resounding success. Many thanks to all members who offered their slips for moorage. Our visitors were most grateful for our hospitality and are already looking forward to next year.

The Labor Day Weekend Cruise to our Oro Bay Outstation promises to be a fun filled event. Fleet Captain P/C Bob Bachman and his wife Gerry have a full weekend of activities planned including the first ever Great Duck Race! We expect many boats to attend so be sure to sign up ASAP in the club lounge. A special thanks to P/C Gary Carr for installing 30+ cleats to the floats at Oro Bay. This will certainly make it easier to tie up!

The Annual Salmon Bake will be Sunday, September 11th. The event will again be hosted by CAPT Bob Stanberry and his First Mate Stephanie. The alder smoked flavor of the salmon plus fresh corn on the cob is always a big hit! Be sure to signup early.

And lastly, don't forget that the first General Meeting after the summer break will be 20 September. Be sure to attend and be a part of this great organization.


Ron Morse
Vice Commodore

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Posted: 9 August 2005 (gk)