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Report from the Bridge

16 September 2005

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Ron Morse
Vice Commodore

Photo of Vice Commodore

The August Picnic in the Park, co-chaired by CAPT Norm Smith and CAPT Don Sherwood, was well attended and a huge success. My thanks to all those who came forward this summer to make these gatherings memorable occasions. This area of the Club property is a wonderful asset and we are fortunate to have it for these functions.

The Labor Day Cruise to our Oro Bay* out station was another success with upward of thirty two boats attending. Many thanks to Fleet Captain Bob and Gerry Bachman for putting together all the events and P/C Gary and Jo Carr for their leadership in constructing the float for the Anderson Island Labor Day Parade. Events like this are what boating with BYC is all about. Logon to the BYC website and under the Members’ Only section, click on “Labor Day at Oro Bay 2005” to see some great pictures.

The Annual Salmon Bake on September 11th was another superb event. CAPT Bob Stansberry and First Mate Stephanie prepared another fine meal that seems to get better every year. Their crew served upwards of 160 meals – almost at full capacity for one sitting. During the serving, we collected almost $600 for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Many thanks for your support!

The next big event is Oktoberfest on 7 October, hosted by P/C Bob and Jytte Wheeler. As in the past, it will be a fun evening of great German food, music and beer. Be sure to signup early in the lounge to ensure a seat.

As a heads up, New Member’s Night on Friday 11 November* will include wine tasting. Be sure to watch the bulletin board in the lounge as the date approaches. Remember, there is no charge for the new members!

After many months of working through the installation of the new fuel dispensing system, it is finally a reality! Many thanks to our Facility Manager, Jim Busse, who worked with NW Pump and CAPT Tim Baker who used his employees for the electrical installation. I know many were frustrated with the delay but remember the time and labor were donated! Watch for the announcement about the mandatory training that is required in moving to this system and how to obtain the card necessary to operate the system.

In closing I would like to remind the members that the clubhouse, docks and grounds belong to all of us. Although we have paid employees as caretaker and facility manager, their job is not to “pick up” after us. I have noticed unwashed dishes left in the galley sinks, paper and magazines left on the floors of the heads, toilets unflushed, personal garbage in trash containers, soda and beer cans as well as paper cups just left around the grounds. Please take a minute to look around and pick this stuff up as you move about the grounds and docks. Better still, do not drop it in the first place. Help keep BYC looking great! Thanks!


Ronald Morse
Vice Commodore

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Posted: 16 September 2005 (gk)